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  1. Looks like a driver or a software is caching data and the benchmarks are being read from ram (?).
  2. actually it hides a part of the fan air out grid, an instead it offers a smaller hole for the air to be released. So for 4 core cpu's not a good thermal solution. I think I will have to get the cover out. Other than this design fail, docking station has benefits, more usb ports and better cable management, small size and elegant appearance.
  3. thanks! very different than me... max 105°C, max power 41,6 W, throttling down do you use the original fan or there is any mod or open case?
  4. Can you provide some quick thermal tests? I use mx-4, re-pasted recently but I always get 100-105 °C @ less than 1 minute. I also use 3840QM. You can easily check temps with throttlestop with TS Bench. https://www.techpowerup.com/download/techpowerup-throttlestop/
  5. Is it true that hp does not support unlock SMC.BIN files for those notebooks any more?
  6. I was wondering if the kryonaut has a real difference comparing to mx4 thermal paste. Unfortunatelly I am forced to use the docking station so more overheating problems with this. Throttling down every time cpu gets 100% after 1 - 2 minutes. i7 3840QM.
  7. A portable SATA device is a better choice for my needs. Anyway, as there is no way to reverse this, I will live with SATA2 speed. So whenever eSATA port is going to be used, users will have to keep in mind of this limitation.
  8. I had 2 of those (same chip, I do not remember the firm, I do not use it any more), the one failed after some days or it was problematic from the beginning. Similar issues with you as far as I can remember with a hp 8710w, and then 2570p. Check settings about USB power management and disable all about this device from the Reneseas driver and the windows device manager. Somehow I have updated firmware without problem, alternatively try to update firmware on a different notebook, but there always be a chance of hardware being faulty.
  9. Ok it is clear now. Strange choice by hp... wasted SATA3 speed on a slow DVD device
  10. I use the eSATA port to easily move the same main boot drive between 2 different units (so to maintain only one common software system). Although the internal SATA port is always @SATA 3 speed level, eSATA port is always limited to SATA 2 on every HDD/SSD I have used. I do not know if this limit is there by design. So, if the DVD drive is connected to the 2nd and last SATA 3, then the eSATA port, is limited to SATA 2 speed.
  11. Tested on a 2570p without a screen panel and lid frame. The only way to power up the external monitor ports is to use a small magnet placed on the upper side above the keyboard. I do not remember left or right, but surely near the buttons. This is a way to trigger the lid close sensor to activate a "lid close" hardware command. Then the system switches to external immediately.
  12. Xtu 585 with 3740qm without mods, latest bios. ThrottleStop shows about x30 during this process but it actualy can hold x33. Cpu throttles down on this as usual 2 to 4 times. I suggest also trying the ThrottleStop benchmark at the full multiplier possible. Also do not forget that new bios cpu microcode for the latest cpu security vulnerabilities will reduce cpu and ssd speed... https://www.grc.com/inspectre.htm
  13. Ok.. I have just found out the way to trick the sensor, it is a magnetic sensor, exactly below the 3 circle buttons area on the right upper side of the case, so if you place carefully a small magnet there, you can transfer GPU signal through an external monitor. So if the lid/screen is missing, boot screen signal can be transferred, access BIOS etc. * (be careful not to use strong magnets near a hard disk)
  14. I was wondering if someone is familiar with the mechanism - sensor that shuts the screen off when closing the lid. I am not sure if is a magnetic sensor. I have a spare working unit without the screen and lid and would like to boot to bios with an external monitor (vga or display port). The normal behavior is, when press power and then close the lid, immediately the system will transfer the signal to the external monitor from the very early boot screen. Do you think of a sensor trigger to do this without the lid?
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