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  1. ok, so it's actually impossible for me to swap my 780m core to 980 and if I get the 770 i'll lose my screen interesting, but can it still possible if I do it with gtx 970m and is the vbios mod will be complicated? since I found a really cheap gt72 with gtx 970m, sorry for asking lot of question and huge thanks for your advice bro.
  2. Hi, khenglish I wanna ask you some questions I got msi gt70 with gtx 780m can I swap it with gtx 770 because it has the same gk104 or can I swap it with gtx 980? if I can swap it to gtx 980 am I must mod the vbios or anything else that I must do? Thanks khenglish for sharing this amazing experiment.
  3. hey khenglish i wanna ask you, i have gtx 780m with gk104 can i reball it and change it to gtx 980 or at least 770? if I can am I must mod the vbios or anything else thanks
  4. I read some forum that success in upgrading their MSI gt70 with gtx 1060 but my question is: -is the pascal gpu work with my laptop screen I use the gt70 haswell and it said edp in intel hd graphic properties but went I check the screen in ebay its actually LVDS -can I upgrade it to gtx 1070 if possible -Do i need some vbios mod to make it work Thanks
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