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  1. Hi there, I'm totally new to this, but after trying to create a BIOS dump I get error 201 in FPTw64.exe I tried TESTBACK.exe and it gave me this result.rar file. Just noteworthy additions, I have a Lenovo Y50-70 with a 4GB GTX 860m, 16GB RAM and an i7-4710hq on InsydeH20 BIOS version 3.7. I used the BACKUP_Tool s12_2.exe file you posted above and I have attached its results below as well for your convenience. I'm looking to remove the whitelist, unlock hidden additional menus and settings in the BIOS. result.rar : https://mega.nz/#!g54RyCJQ!DHL1-Ej0v85Pgg2LnQUnl-OvSNGfiKPJx6latD5my2k BACKUP_Tool s12_2.exe's results.rar: https://mega.nz/#!h9hgVKpQ!UAT1mJXjrqghnRz3uf1PuBVK7FWBMCxwJsX3LydbPo0 I appreciate your time, thank you.
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