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  1. Hello My M18XR2 was working on Windows 10 with a 880M. Last week, I reinstalled my system, and I couldn't get nvidia driver working... I took the last installed modified driver, and even downloaded latest version, modified it again, nothing to do, I have same error : nvidia installation failed. I only install the graphic driver too, it fail. The screen goes black, then light again, and it fail... Do someone have an idea how to fix this probleme ? Thank you
  2. Klem, no idea ? HDMI In is very usefull for me, it will be a great thing if I could get it work...
  3. GG If only I can find a 970M, 980M or 1060 to replace my 880M, in France, at prices that still a little affordable...
  4. Maybe, I will try to clean my heatsink, and maybe repast the GPU. But do someone have the temps with a M18XR2 and 880M ? Just to know if I'm the only one, or if it's normal, the 880M heat a lot more than the 980M...
  5. I'll clean it soon. Maybe I will change thermal compound too. I'd like to change my GPU, for a 970 or a 1060 before doing this but it seems to be impossible to find !
  6. To instal it I must have a DOS bootable usb key ? Cause I haven't, and it failed the instalation of dos on my little 8Gb key, it's too big they said. But, I've seen in my BIOS I'm on Swick bios, sv17 Mod, InsydeH20 version A11. Is there two version of A11 ? and if that's the case, how to know on which version am i ? Thank you
  7. I don't know the exact version of my BIOS, but I know I have a Swick version (on the bios splash screen, swick is writted). I'll try this tonight. And for my over Heatting problem, do you have any help ? With fan at maximum speed, my GPU is heatting till 93°C ! Thnak you Klem
  8. I don't know how you do this ! Whith a single 880M I'm @93°C !
  9. Hello ! I flashed your bios version, now i'm on 80.04.F5.00.07 But still, no HDMI in working... I have no idea, but i'm listenning, if you have one...
  10. Ok ! That's interesting. Can you tell me where to find this bios and how to flash it ? thank you !
  11. So GPU-Z gave me this GPU : https://www.techpowerup.com/gpudb/2534/geforce-gtx-880m Bios version : 80.04.EA.00.03 Is it what you research ? or where to find it ?
  12. hmmm I don't know, bought it from someone like that !
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