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  1. You are absolutely right here. 0x0000009F indicates that the driver is in an inconsistent or invalid power value. Similar (same code: DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE 0x0000009f) error was previously fixed in Vista. The patch was released for the OS. Like most here, you connected a video card from PC to laptop with a unique adapter but nobody will write separate patches for this. So try using a different video card (for example, any NVIDIA). This will probably help you with an error or reduce the search for solutions.
  2. Does anyone sell the adapter by Gerald? PM Please.
  3. This is probably good news. How much time do you need?) Аpproximate.
  4. I installed LM 2 years ago. No photo. What for? To argue with everyone in the Internet? Most people call it crystallization. It is easier to understand each other. Especially if you have to write in a foreign language (English). Do you think you should throw each other in scientific terms? I wrote earlier "I am not interested in copper. The radiator works well with grinding and without grinding." The problem was between the stain and the CPU. The remains of the metal turned to sand (small crystals), so crystallization is often said. That's what I said (but you started talking about the air). Here is your secret! Before that, you didn’t talk about metal re-installation. So you DO NOT remove the resulting gray layer completely? Do you put LM on this layer again? Did I translate and understand your words correctly? This is the mixture of several metals. Then I do not understand what you are arguing. I exchanged experiences with real people. And 2 years ago, the problem was not solved. And on the Internet you can find anything. But the Internet is not a guarantee of truth. And then you write this: Do you really think that I am a schoolboy? Do you think so just because I disagree with you? Or is it some kind of expression in the English language? In any case, I was not upset, because I perfectly understand what the language barrier is. If >50% of consumers could not benefit from the product, then yes it is unfinished (2 years ago it was) This is the biggest mistake of any person. He begins to help, but no one asked for help. I originally wrote to rusTORK. After that, you started giving advice. In any case, I understood you. Thank you for sharing your experience.
  5. This is called accuracy. I did everything neatly. Metal only concerned copper and processor. The radiator was attached to the processor over the entire area. And over the whole area there were crystals. I thought you could tell me about the method of isolating metal from air. Your way in NO way isolates metal from air. Sooner or later it crystallizes. To be honest, you are the first living person who has not encountered the problem of crystallization. It can't dry out )) this is metal. it reacts with copper (the gray mark is the reaction). that is, one of the LM components is absorbed into copper (LM is a mixture of several metals) and the rest of the substance begins to change its properties. including crystallization. heating in this case speeds up the process. On my working laptop (not Y500) LM worked for more than 18 months, because I do not play on it and do not do overclocking. Thus, the laptop worked most of the time with medium or low temperatures. What is your processor model I am not interested in copper. The radiator works well with grinding and without grinding. I speak only about the fact that LM is an unfinished product. You shared your experience. I shared mine. You may consider yourself smart. It does not affect anything
  6. "As long as there's no gap" - And how did you do it?
  7. Please share the results after testing Grizzly Carbonaut. My results for use of 2 LM: ЖМ-6 and Coollaboratory liquid pro: at first, everything very COOL, but after 6 months the temperature has become higher than cheap thermal grease. I disassembled the laptop: the metal crystallized on the CPU, the heel of the copper radiator received two small holes and LM penetrated into the entire top layer of copper. Perhaps in the composition of copper radiators there is some kind of impurity, due to which the liquid metal crystallizes. There is opinion: nickel radiator surface and cpu ceramic surfaces are suitable for LM. But in my Y500 I have copper radiator(
  8. «4 Core CPUs of Y500 and Y510p will gone soon in history;» - I have Y500 with i7 3840QM. This processor can reveal the potential of new video cards and also of the next two or three generations of video cards. processors starting from 2rd generation i7 are not a bottleneck in performance. it is a fact. Besides, no one here seeks to get a system of 4 videocards TITAN RTX. Most people want good gaming performance without buying a new laptop or PC «buy PSU» - in my country PSU of 450 W cost 5$ (Russia). In addition, I think most have a power supply and not one. «only GTX 10XX was tested» - RTX 20XX cards - these cards are not much better than GTX 10XX
  9. I want to buy an adapter that will work with the Y500 (BIOS mod from High_Voltage + nvidia-error43-fixer)
  10. Hi, Stalonge my email: annihilation42@gmail.com UPDATE (13.12.17): Adapter sold today
  11. Hi, I have the adapter. I can sell it to you (the adapter does not work with my y500. so you need only y510p)
  12. Hi, I'm from Russia. My name is Vladimir.I have still the adapter, but I have y500... The adapter is in perfect condition. Total: €80 (adapter + int. shipping). PayPal account: weter_87@mail.ru Send the complete address for sending the parcel.Thank you!
  13. Hello everybody. I have y500. I could not use the adapter with the laptop. Reboots... (knew that it would be so, but tried) I can sell the adapter through PayPal. Priority Russia. The adapter is in perfect condition. I am packing as if to myself. Thank you for attention.
  14. Hello Gerald! You're cool Engineer! How can I buy Adapter? The adapter will be work with Lenovo Y500? Could you send one Adapter to this address: Russian Federation
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