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  1. I will be selling it shortly i managed to get the 970m to work. had to update bios
  2. Ok so i successfully installed a GTX 970m instead of my GTX 770m into my GT70 barebones (ibuypower cz27) Its registered under device manager and i have nvidia control panel and i can view the cards temperature. However i cannot use the graphics card with anything, it only uses the intel graphics. i have a haswell system and the card came from a GT72 so the vbios is correct. I cannot update my bios on the motherboard thanks to ibuypower not supporting update (terrible company) Does anyone know what to do? i apparently do not need a modified driver since it installed just fine.
  3. Thank you, I did end up buying one however it installed the drivers for it but i cannot get it to do any 3D tasks in windows. i can get a temperature report and see it in device manager but i cannot select it for any games.
  4. I'm trying to win an auction on one but people over bid them during bid wars. I can buy a whole laptop for the price they almost get to. Pretty set on a 970, 1060 is too much and the only game my 770 struggles on is forza horizon 3 at 1080p at 35fps on medium/high. Mainly due to poor coding. I'd imagine once I unlock the promotion and install the modded bios with it over clocked I'd be close to a stockish 870. I'd like to find a 970 but trying to keep it at $300/$350
  5. I removed the dust filter, Trimmed the fan cover, taped the fan cover to the heatsink for maximum flow, Undervolted it by 75mv. also applied AS5 and did the washer mod along with Soldering both heatpipes together on the cpu and i Load around 72/73c from before i loaded at 96c which was awful and i had throttling. Shame on lenovo I have 4700 with nvidia 755 SLI Also sorry both of my 755s overclocked load aroud 77c which is weird i wouldve thought the ultrabay would be hotter I did as5 on both as well.
  6. debating on ordering a 970m for my msi gt70 Does anyone know how much of a boost this will give my gtx 770m? thanks,
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