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  1. thormunz

    Does eGPU work on Lenovo z500 ?

    its more of trial and error if youcant find anythng what so ever about your laptop then you might be the first to try to do it, therefore you would have to take the risk and try it normally there are many downfalls to this as maybe your setup wont work or you laptops manufacturer probably disables the mpci, theres more to it, but a way i can suggest is try ordering one from amazon and try borrowing a gpu and a psu and try it out if it doesnt work than just return it for a refund.
  2. thormunz

    Xbox 360 eGPU?

    Sorry but no, because an egpu setup is mainly for Computers only.
  3. I've tried been waiting apparently you have to wait till you're a full time account in order to download these old bios which sucks, but understand that rules are rules
  4. Quick question what are optimal setting for using the bios to gain optimal performance? Like what is recommended to tweak for that sweet spot that stock cant aquire?

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