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  1. MertMesecikli

    The New NVIDIA TITAN X: The Ultimate. Period.

    1080 Ti: overthrone; check, lower price: check
  2. MertMesecikli

    [HARDWARE MOD]980m to Desktop 980 core upgrade

    Looks complicated, definitely not sth I can do. lol nice
  3. MertMesecikli

    NVIDIA GTX 1070/1080 for Notebooks Coming Soon

    Even desktop version is expensive
  4. MertMesecikli

    Flight Sims Anyone?

    Flight Simulator X with mods of course
  5. MertMesecikli

    Interesting pics

    Where is the potahto after long post
  6. MertMesecikli

    Kids Are Great

  7. MertMesecikli

    New Nokia cell phone with security

    Can't see the picture though

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