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  1. @naightmehr thank you for your answer. Yes i've tried to remove the cmos and to drain the power, i gives me either 5 beeps or 8 beeps. I already bought a bios chip from an ebay seller, he seems to have mostly positive feedback. I'm gonna give it to someone to change it for me as i donèt have the tools needed, and i'll keep you in touch with how how everything worked out in the end. Again , thank you for your answers, ijust donèt know what went wrong during the blindflash.
  2. that's what i tought too, but i read somewhere that sometimes only the bios chip is corrupted, and that you only need to change it, you don't have to change the whole motherboard. have you ever heard of that working in a similar case ?
  3. i tried to flash it to the A08, but it doesn't seem to work, it always ends up restarting again and again.
  4. Maybe your bios chip got corrupted, there are website that sell bios chips pre-flashed with the proper bios for your laptop. You could bring it back to live if you change the bios chip, in case your motherboard is still in working condition.
  5. the insyde bios recovery method gives me 5 beeps when i try it, the second method is the one i tried, minus the gpu inserted step, even tough they tell you to remove the gpu at sone point in that post. i really want to thank you for your answers, i posted here just to see if someone had the same issue resolved, and what steps they took to fix it. like i said before, i just wanna see if there's a hope it's not the motherboard that went bad.
  6. i have an alienware m17xr3, windows 10 x64 , i7 2670qm, gtx 580m and an insyde A12 bios. i removed the gpu before flashing, as the gpu is not working anymore, and i was preparing to buy a gtx 780m or 880m to replace it. i used 2 different flash drives, one 16 go and one old 1 go , both formated to FAT32, and copied the file in the root. i tried to blindflash, kept holding the end button, had the fans kick in and the 33 beeps, but it wouldn't stop restaring. when i finally remove my finger from the end button, it restarts and starts beeping 8 times. tried the flash multiple times, with the unlocked A12 and A08 bios, and with the original A12 bios, but the same thing keeps happening.
  7. thank you for your answer, yes i even tried with the official bios from dell's website when it didn't work. i already tried to reset the bios, it didn't work, now it only gives me 8 beeps. right now i'm hoping it's the bios chip is corrupted, and that i don't have to change the whole motherboard.
  8. Hi, i was preparing for a gpu replacement, so i decided to flash my alienware m17xr3 A12 bios into an unlocked version. I removed the gpu, put "PAR00X64.fd" in the root of a FAT32 usb. i unplugged the power cord, inseted the usb drive in the esata port, and held the end button before replugging the cord. the fans kicked in, and i heard 30 beeps, then it restarted. after that, it wouldn't stop resatarting. it kept rebooting even when i held the end key for more than 20 mins. i'm really confused right now as of what to do to fix this issue. i would really apreciate any help you have to offer me.
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