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  1. Well guys, I think it's just dead, Pity too my wife loved this laptop
  2. you used that on the R3? i tried that one once but it didn't do anything i could see here is the one i used: http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/bios-recovery-in-case-you-brick-your-m17x-r3.601701/ also when i tried that i got the nasty loud stuck key beeps
  3. I tried once, but not recently. should i hold end for the whole process or just at the beginning?
  4. Yes I have, just this morning I attempted to Blind flash A09, all the fans spin up, it beeps 30+ times, reboots twice, then boots to black screen with 8 beeps. the firmware i was using before all this started was the unlocked A12. when i was flashing back to standard A12 the Bios may of had the intel video turned off, is this the root of my issue?
  5. I have a m17x R3, i was flashing back to standard A12 bios when it glitched, afterward I tried the blind flash but I still only get 8 beeps, it was working fine before this happened, any suggestions??
  6. Just like the title says, I had the A12 unlocked bios installed, tried to downgrade to the A12 standard bios. It appears to of failed now all i get is 8 beeps and a lit but black screen. anyone out there have some advice that could get me back up and running again?
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