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  1. I really don't know enough about the board power requirements to know why they aren't exactly following the old standard though I'm sure khenglish or prema might. Regardless it does suck for existing power users and my suggestion to them would be to eBay their current ones and grab a new one.
  2. I honestly can't figure out why nvidia abandoned mxm reference designs. They're the ones that invented it and put so much time into it only to screw everyone at the end of it. I guess they figured it was cheaper to shift the cost of maintaining a reference design to large AIB like MSI and Clevo rather than themselves. Unfortunately the notebook makers aren't known for agreeing on standards like desktop makers are and now a lot of people are screwed.
  3. If you guys are getting forum errors, please report them in the moderator forum if you're a moderator or T|I forum feedback if you are a user. Be specific as possible with examples so we can track down the issue and resolve it. Thanks
  4. I wonder if that shared hsf will hamper cpu overclocking and possibly gpu boost consistency once it is heat soaked? I was never a fan of shared hsf designs. I had hoped they would try something new like a vapor chamber to cool these monsters.
  5. Looks like our friends at EVOC have their product page ready to go: http://www.hidevolution.com/evoc-p650rp6-15-6-custom-built-gaming-laptop-w-nvidia-gtx-1060-w-g-sync.html @Ted-EVOC @paladin44 the price for the 1060 one seems reasonable enough. This is almost tempting me to get a nice and thin 1060 based notebook to replace my aging Sony.
  6. Here's some mobile Pascal benchmarks from Gamer's Nexus: And frametimes:
  7. Not Clevo specific but still relevant as it's about Pascal for notebooks: A couple years ago NVIDIA did state that they would begin developing their architectures as mobile first and scale them up to the desktop level and I guess that started with Maxwell and really went full fledged with Pascal. You can bet the same will be true of Volta with desktop and notebook having roughly equivalent performance which is great for gaming notebooks. I doubt notebooks will get anything like a Titan X equivalent as that thing is just beastly but you never know.
  8. I just tested your account and was able to download any file. Clear your cache and try again, the problem is on your end not ours.
  9. Have you seen the price of the new Titan X? Starting at a low price of only $1200.. I don't know why anyone even mentions AMD in the same sentence as NVIDIA anymore because they really aren't competitors, not at the high end of the video card spectrum anyway. Sure the RX 480 can compete with the 1060 but who really gives a shit about that? Vega will show up one of these days and probably still fall short of the 1080 let alone the Titan X and up coming 1080 Ti. AMD is doing the same thing with respect to notebooks, offering low end shit tier solutions for budget notebooks that nobody really cares about. Oh yeah, rumors have it NVIDIA has moved up Volta to May 2017, if that's true, AMD is truly fucked.
  10. Well there isn't even a 490 yet as AMD is waiting on Vega so their top card is Fury X which gets annihilated by Pascal. Now nvidia is rolling out Titan X 2016 which just adds insult to injury. Basically AMD is no longer in the game, they've been left in the dust by nvidia.
  11. Gonna check this show out, looks interesting.
  12. Congrats man, I knew you could pull it off. Super curious to see if it OC's better than the 980m after you get those power phases added in.
  13. Hey @drunkenninajwelcome to the community and I think @Khenglish @Mr. Fox and @johnksss would definitely be happy to have another hardware enthusiast on board that can help w/projects they come up with. Khenglish as you noticed is embarking on core swaps so if you have any tips that could assist him, definitely get in touch here on the forums.
  14. Damn @Khenglish that's really impressive, good job! Going to promote this to a front page post. I'll update the front page post with your results once you have them but looking good so far.
  15. We no longer have a market place but we plan to bring a fully integrated one in the future.
  16. The 1060 will be one of those GPUs featured in BGA notebooks that some may find compelling because they are thin and light. Probably good for college students and business people on the move but not really built for hardcore enthusiasts.
  17. Sorry for the down time everyone. We had some critical issues to iron out. 

    1. Mr. Fox

      Mr. Fox

      Yay! My favorite forum is back online. :)

  18. I don't think the 1060 is the flagship model. Pretty sure they will still have 1080.
  19. Seems Titan P is coming in August and will be 50% faster than GTX 1080. Things that make you go hmm.

    1. Mr. Fox

      Mr. Fox

      That should be something. Look forward to seeing that.

    2. johnksss



    3. Mr. Fox

      Mr. Fox

      I agree! LOL. That's a good way of putting it.

  20. For those of you wondering whether the 1060 will come to the notebook, the word is it will and it will be unchanged from the desktop version. The clocks may be somewhat lower but the ROPs, CUDA cores etc should be unchanged.
  21. @Vitaliy Jungle welcome to Tech|Inferno!
  22. And some leaked FireStrike numbers for the 1060 vs 480: NVIDIA 1060: Sapphire RX 480 Stock: RX 480 undervolted to 1.1v with 1300 MHz core and 2200 MHz memory: AIB 1060 cards:
  23. NVIDIA announced it's newest Pascal based GTX 1060 today that is expected to go on sale July 19th for $250 and $300 for the Founder's Edition. The GTX 1060 will feature 1280 CUDA cores, 6 GB DDR5 memory with a boost clock of 1.7 GHz which NVIDIA claims can easily overclock to 2 GHz. In addition, NVIDIA claims the 1060 is on average 15% faster and over 75% more power efficient than the closest competitive product at stock speeds which would be the AMD RX 480. The following is their PR release: Media: View full article
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