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  1. Title says it all. i have in front of me a set of 675m's and 6990m's. which would perform better in terms of speed and reliability? don't really care about battery power since i use my laptop on ac power all the time. yes i know the 675m's are rebadged 580m's, got them as cheap as chips so thought they would be of some use in the future. i have an m18x r2! any help appreciated
  2. Sorry, takes me a lot of time testing this out even more sorry to say that it didn't work. flashed the clevo bios as svl7 suggested, using the exact step by step method in his post using the msi laptop + 680m. as soon as the process finished, i ctrl+alt+del my machine, restarted and POST hanged on rapid storage screen (raid drives), the letters also turn from small to big. cant restart notebook using ctrl+alt+del, need to manually turn off msi and turn back on, where same thing happens again. took the card out and put the card into AW m18x, and the dreaded 8 beeps are back. i took the card out, put laptop into SG mode, put card back in, 680m didn't pick up and IGFX did. lucky me, i made the backup of the previous vbios if anyone doesn't have any other ideas...wanna help me flash the old bios back...can't seem to get past the raid screen on my msi if anyone does have any other ideas which they want me to try, i'm willing to try them out...but quite frankly, i got a gut feeling they won't work lol (cos it doesnt pick up the 680m in bios from the beginning which i think is the main cause of problem here) thanks for the help guys!
  3. which would you recommend? i see alot of people on this forum using the MSI one. also, would your "[GUIDE] NVIDIA VBIOS flashing" post be the method i should use on flashing the vbios? thanks again!
  4. that's good to hear @johnksss. i checked the yellow tape, it's on all 4 of the screw holes. i put the 680m back into the msi and it still works perfectly. took 680m out to put into AW. i unlocked the bios on the AW. set the laptop to boot sg mode, went into bios again to check if the settings were saved as you said, which they were. added the 680m, entered bios and can see it didn't pick up the 680m in bios, but it did pick up IGFX, and no more 8 beeps like before. took the 680m out and put the 6990m in, it picked it up straight away in bios in sg mode. the 680m is now back in my msi, ready to flash. i've taken into account it won't boot anymore once i've flashed it till its put in the AW, it's a risk i'm willing to take. can you push me into the right direction as to which file i need to flash and how i could go about flashing it? i would be very grateful thanks for the replies and happy new year guys! hope you have a prosperous year.
  5. very nice feature. thanks for the link!
  6. @Clevorr, i've seen the razer blade, seems to be getting solid reviews on the net. but i'm also in the same boat as you, got my m18x for the same price as that blade is selling. wouldnt buy a 17" over an 18"
  7. ATI cards are cheaper than Nvidia, but in my opinion, Nvidia are of better quality, and reliability. 680m FTW!
  8. sorry, still new here. didn't realise my post was made into a seperate thread. i will jump onto an unlocked bios and report back shortly as i'm on a locked A05 bios. (and i need 5 posts to download it, unless someone can pm me it, this can be done faster. many thanks ) @johnkssss, the card is definitely working. i still have the msi machine i pulled it from. will test it in there one more time to confirm it isnt fried but it was definitely working when pulled from it. i'll also check the yellow tape next time i fit the card. @svl7, 8 beeps is definitely video card error. i understand what you are saying, but i reseated the card about 7 times and i cleaned the pins aswell, just wouldn't seem to work. and when i put the radeon 6990m (which was in there before) back in, it works perfectly. i take that out and put the 680m in, 8 beeps. one other thing i forgot to mention, i have another m18x r1 in hand if it can help in any way. thanks for the replies guys!
  9. works perfectly fine on intel graphics. as soon as i add the 680m, 8 beeps. i used a usb keyboard if i take it out, works perfect. put it back in, 8 beeps. tried twice to confirm. pulling memory sticks didn't help i've put a radeon 6990m inside for the time being, works perfectly.
  10. I don't suppose you could help me svl7? i'm trying to put an msi 680m into my m18x r1, i get 8 beeps. it was working perfectly fine in the msi gt70. do i need to flash a vbios? thanks
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