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  1. Yes, we have talked about adding mods, but at this moment in time we have decided to keep the server as Vanilla as possible, mods can be unreliable, and having them would decrease server population and growth due to the fact that people need to go to steam and download them to join, it's possible if they add in a auto download option for mods when joining a server, that we may consider using mods in the future. The game is still pretty new, so I am sure in time Two handed weapons, being able to block with swords etc will be added in, and many other things. Its said that a new race will be added, that being the "wizard" and also new siege Towers and weapons etc are expected to be coming also!
  2. @AKRoxborough Haha XD well I am glad it's working fine now, hopefully your gfs should improve after a good clean! And yes it was down for a little while as we had to do some things to the server, we have also now changed the port from 7777 to 24000 if you are trying to connect that way, IP is still the same. We had issues with the server not showing on the browser list, so people could not see the server, but after a while of experimenting with different ports, we found using ones that the official servers use would now show the server on the browser list, so people can now see it. Feel free to hop on TS any time also.
  3. Ah that is great news! hopefully we see you around more on Conan now. The amount of crap Laptops collect is always ridiculous...you never know what you will find haha
  4. I take it you added new thermal paste, any change in your temps ?
  5. Are you still having problems running the game, or did restarting it fix your fps etc ? Try turning the render distance to low also, should help your frames if you have not already.
  6. If you have been banned, please use the following Format to Appeal your ban below. * In-game Name: * Do you know why you was banned?: * If you do know why you was banned, why should you be unbanned?: * Steam ID: If you do not know why you was banned, an Admin will contact you to discuss the reason why you was banned once you have made a ban Appeal. Admins have the Final say on your ban, and have the right to remove or place a ban at any time. Thankyou.
  7. The server is running Smooth with no Lag!
  8. Hi, if you have any questions about the game or anything in general Related to Conan Exiles, feel free to ask here and we will respond ASAP. Feel free to add in your own Guides/Tips and tricks etc. Have fun.
  9. Hi, if you need any help feel free to post here or create your own Support Topic.
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