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  1. 21 hours ago, Henrik9979 said:

    I know its bit off you budget, but I found this.

    Amd R9 m290x is a re-branded 8970m. It is the same card.


    Another card you can look for is an gtx 770m


    About gtx 770m, I think that exits a problem with IDT audio to install it. Not problem, but ... the choice R9 M290X I like it but I think that It have not native fan control but I like your idea although it bit off my budget,

  2. I can get it (6990M) to 100EUR aprox. and the improvement would be quite but since I've decided to upgrade my GPU I'd rather pay a little more to get a better card. Budget aprox. 150-175EUR but I don´t find GTX680 niether 7970M by these price. I'll keep looking. 

    Due to my tight budget I decided to go for the M6100 but I you advise me a bad gaming experience with it,  I'll leave it

  3. 12 hours ago, Henrik9979 said:

    I suppose you will use it for gaming?

    You would be disappointed by choosing the amd firepro.

    Have you heard of Nidia quadro?

    These types of graphics cards aren't meant for gaming. 

    This is workstation graphics cards.

    Typical use is for photo, video, graphic designs, rendering you name it.


    A long story short, it is not optimized for gaming.


    Another question, what card do you have now???


    My actual GPU is GTX260M.

    I will use it for gaming. I know or think that GTX680M is better card to gaming that M6100 but I don´t know if the price difference worth for the performance in gaming.

    I don´t heard about Nvidia Quadro but I´m looking for Ebay and the prices are expensive, I don´t know how is the performance.


  4. Hi all,


    I want upgrade my GPU but I have doubts about wath to get:


    FIREPRO M6100 --> 150EUR

    GTX 680M --> 250EUR


    I think that the best choice is the GTX680M but the price is more expensive but I don´t know if the performance&compatibility difference between them worth it.




    8GB RAM


    Thank you.

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