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  1. I do not know if with any modified driver the performance would be greater. But at the moment with the last official drivers I have achieved a score P6239 in 3DMARK. Temperatures from 39 to 71 (running 3DMARK). At the moment all is good.
  2. Hi @Henrik9979 I just got a 7970M GPU. I have installed it and at the moment It seems to be fine, but I have to check the performance with games and 3DMARK 11 to know if it could get overheat, freezing, shutdowns problems. The vBios flashed is 850/1200 0.975 and the last ATI drivers for 7970M. I don´t know if exists mod drivers for M15x-7970M
  3. I am on standby with this topic. I don´t know what to do yet. I have so many doubts because the most of recent GPU have problems (overheat, performance, drivers, etc. ) with the M15x for that I´ll keep waiting.
  4. Hi @Henrik9979, I could to get a Dell M9 R290X. Could have any problem with it and my M15x? I have read problems with the fan control (I can assume it, because it could be controlled via software) and overheating shutdown and down performance. I fear that I can have any these problems. What do you think about it?
  5. Thank you for the complete information. I will think about it and I will inform of my final decision.
  6. About gtx 770m, I think that exits a problem with IDT audio to install it. Not problem, but ... the choice R9 M290X I like it but I think that It have not native fan control but I like your idea although it bit off my budget,
  7. I can get it (6990M) to 100EUR aprox. and the improvement would be quite but since I've decided to upgrade my GPU I'd rather pay a little more to get a better card. Budget aprox. 150-175EUR but I don´t find GTX680 niether 7970M by these price. I'll keep looking. Due to my tight budget I decided to go for the M6100 but I you advise me a bad gaming experience with it, I'll leave it
  8. Hi @Henrik9979, What is your opinion about the 6990M? I could to get it. My laptop don´t think is 120HZ, I could go to AMD or Nvidia.
  9. My actual GPU is GTX260M. I will use it for gaming. I know or think that GTX680M is better card to gaming that M6100 but I don´t know if the price difference worth for the performance in gaming. I don´t heard about Nvidia Quadro but I´m looking for Ebay and the prices are expensive, I don´t know how is the performance.
  10. Exists modified VBIOS for the GTX 680M: https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/1425-nvidia-kepler-vbios-mods-overclocking-editions-modified-clocks-voltage-tweaks/&page=1 You could to test them and to check if your 680M improves.
  11. Hi all, I want upgrade my GPU but I have doubts about wath to get: FIREPRO M6100 --> 150EUR GTX 680M --> 250EUR I think that the best choice is the GTX680M but the price is more expensive but I don´t know if the performance&compatibility difference between them worth it. ALIENWARE M15x PSU150W 8GB RAM Thank you.
  12. I am thinking upgrade my laptop M15x to this video card. What laptop have you?
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