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  1. I just installed a 780m and a 2920 XM and wow I'm impressed. Bad news is, I got the 8 beeps and believe my LCD edid went. Ordered a new screen, so I can flash edid in old one and have a backup. The bios you want is here. Just donate. It's well worth it. I did it last week. The advice here is great and people are more than helpful.
  2. Hi everyone, im new here, needed a good tech site for advice and such, figured this was the best after many look arounds, went ahead and did the 1 year elite. My system is an Alienware M18X R1, I7 2920 XM, GTX 780M, and ssd with regular 1tb hd, im not a pro, but do a lot of laptop repairs and builds, thanks for any advice givin in the future.
  3. Im new to the 18 series, picked up an R1 for $100. Upgrading cpu to a 2920 xm , and video to 780m, will have 2 soon so need to build that double brick. Anyhow, I was wondering which unlocked bios is the best for me, and what utility is best to use. I did all this ages ago on a 17 series, but wow im gettin old and forget lol, thanks in advance...
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