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  1. A noob

    Acer 4750g can DIY EGPU 1050 nvidia?

    anything with nvidia 10 series card will give error 43! chose anything from 900 series or below, if your laptop have a mPCIE slot it will work
  2. A noob

    Exp Gdc Beast does not turn on

    Use the CPU power 4 pins connector to connect the 4 pins one dont use the motherboard one. it should be like this, your power supply should come with 20+4 pins for the motherboard, use the 20 pins but dont use the 4 pins instead use the CPU one that should work, i use to have the same problem but i figure it out.
  3. A noob

    EGPU with NVIDIA GTX 1050 ti

    me too i end up returning my GTX 1050Ti and bought the RX470, well no issue no error no problem!
  4. A noob

    W530 + 1060GTX

    return your GTX 1060 and buy an RX 480
  5. A noob


    Since nvidia doesn't want to fix their problems so i decided to go AMD. well it turns out great!

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