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  1. Thank you Doink for your quick reply. I tried blocking off pin22 on my mPCIE connector and it worked! As in on my device manager both my GTX960 and my HD4000 showed up. Unfortunately the GeForce control panel wouldn't load up (maybe because the HD4000 was the primary). So I did a restart hoping that might solve the problem, but I couldn't get the GTX960 to show up again?? I'm using a Xbox 360 power supply, with the "sense" just connected to 5v (so it's always powered on, no standby) I've exsperimented with different pins on the 8pin power in (on the beast) to get the beast v8.3 soft start function. But had no luck so the eGPU starts from turning the Xbox psu from the wall Could this be a reason why? And if anyone has any idea which 8pin socket the sense and 5v cable should go, that would be a great help. Thank you again for any help Stu
  2. Asus UX31A Zenbook Beast v8.3 MPCIE connection Xbox 360 PSu GTX 960 4Gb Hi there, I am trying to get my laptop to recognise both my gtx960 and HD4000 at the same time, so I can enable Optimus. My laptops motherboard doesn't allow hot plugging. When I boot it up, it makes the 960 the main graphic adaptor, and does not recognise my HD4000, so I cant play Optimus. The switches on the beast do not do anything. Struggling to install and use the free 1.30 setup as my laptop is UEFI My BIOS is very basic and doesn't give me the option to change what it loads with. I'm out of idea's.. Anybody have any idea's or previous experience with a problem like this? Thanks for your time. Stu
  3. Has anyone made their own custom length cable? E.g mPCIE to HDMI for the beast v8. Thanks, Stu
  4. I'm interested in replicating the Male mPCIE adaptor to female HDMI cable as I would like to modify my case to just have a female hdmi to connect to my beast. (Small Male to Male) How difficult is it to solder mPCIE to HDMI? I've tried searching but my search parameters are too vague. Wpuld aprreciate ate anyones thoughts. Thanks, Stu
  5. Congratulations on getting it to a place your happy with! Thanks for the updates, it will be a great help incase I encounter similar problems, along with getting me excited at the potential FPS boost I could get! I'm just in the process of ordering my parts, I've decided to go for a Xbox 360 203w power supply through the 8pin into the beastV8 and using the 6pin out on the beast to a 960 4gb. Thoughts? fingers crossed! If it doesn't work it's nearly £200 wasted! Stu
  6. Those ULV processors have a pretty low speed but high boost clock speed, maybe throttlestop can offer some tweaking with the CPU if it's causing bottlenecks. (Something to do with allocating resources between CPU and IGPU) Glad you've got the internal display working at "playable" rates (ex FPS). Do you get over 60FPS on your internal display on less demanding games? Maybe the CPU can't process all those frames (if that's what Optimus technology does) quick enough. Hope you figure it out! Im getting a 960 4GB hopefully in the next 2 weeks, so I'm hoping I can get mine to work also! Stu
  7. I am also looking at doing something with same adaptor and similar machine Asus i7 3517U HD4000 (minus dGPU) and eGPU but on Win7. So this post has been very helpful, I appreciate the updates. I have seen a guide about just using mobile drivers and "trick" the laptop into thinking your eGPU is your dGPU (owen-lu eGPU guide). I have not tried this yet and not sure if you have, thought I would suggest it. Also when you experience stuttering maybe monitor how much memory the game is using? If it's using all the GFX memory and needs system memory it may be using that precious mPCIE bandwidth to send and fetch the information. Looking forward to seeing how your setup goes! Gives me hope for my own project. Thanks Stu
  8. @Mr_Western thanks for clearing that up for me, the 950 Mini 2G version is looking like the best option for me, but unfortunately from a quick google there does not seem to be many around for a reasonable price, there is plenty of the Mini 2GD5 but they require a 6pin It seems trying to avoid the extra cost and inconvenience of a PSU will reduce my options for a GFX card and ironically increase the cost and inconvenience! In theory connecting power via the 12v power pin in and then using the 6pin Out on the beast to connect to a 6pin GFX that is 150W with no additional PSU should work? Has anyone tried the above? If so could you please share Wanting to know as I am hoping to buy a 950 second hand but nearly all of them require a 6pin power input (dont want a PSU) @Plastixx I have just briefly read problems on this forum, and I am trying to reduce any potential problems with my build, if my budget increases I may look at 1050ti, so let me know how you go.
  9. I have the Beast v8.0 with the 12V DC input that is rated to 150W. I've been looking (ebay.co.uk) and found generic universal laptop chargers rated at 150W with the correct size input jack. 5.5x2.1 so this would be ideal for my intended setup similar to @cunning_fridge which is aiming to be a small enclosure. But cheap and nasty universal laptop chargers might be bad for GFX cards? I understand the 750ti and 1050ti both get power through PCIE by the 12v input, but I want a little more than the 750ti but also do not want the 1050ti driver issues What I am curios about is @Mr_Western using the 950 mini "2G" version that doesn't require a 6pin? or is it just standard one power just through the PCIE on the Beast with no 6 pin used? I understand you clocked it down to stay below the 150W Cap of the beast, but could this work on other cards that have around 150W peak usage that require 6pin power? (other 950 cards) Thanks Stu
  10. Thanks Doink for taking the time to reply. Its cleared a few things up for me and happy that its gen2 speed With Q3 is it worth the extra money or sometimes inconvenience (size/availability) for the luxury of having high texture and AA, or would it be pointless with 1.2 Opt on Internal screen data cap? I'm going to check out the threads on the 372 and see if its worth the extra hassle. Although I am still curious about Q4, the wattage and how power delivery works on cards such as an 660ti/950 with max draw under 150w? Yes, currently making do on a HD4000 so anything above that will be a great improvement, and would feel great to utilise the 1080p screen just a shame about such a huge FPS hit. Lets hope it will work! Encourage anyone else to comment on the questions I put forward as the more I know the better decision I can make! Thanks again Stu
  11. I've been reading this forum over many months while on my travels, dreaming about the games I'm going to be able to play on my laptop once I get home this Christmas! I've learned a lot and have came up with my own plan but would really like to hear anyone's thoughts on any of the questions. Already have Laptop ASUS UX31A i7-3517U HD4000 4GB Soldered Ram WINDOWS 7 Adaptor Beast v8.0 mPCIE (waiting for me at home) Aims Play games such as SMITE or OVERWATCH at 1080p 40-60FPS. CIV6 1080p 30FPS Be small, and portable since I live my life on the road. Under 150GBP Start with most important. Q: I believe my mPCIE port is 1.2 but currently cannot test, can anyone confirm or deny this? Q: I really want to make use of the Internal 1080p screen, would the performance hit be just too much to make it worthwhile? (even with optimus) Q: With the limited bandwidth would a 4GB card over a 2GB card improve stability and fps spikes? (My theory is reducing data going to system ram when GFX card full) Q: I plan on using a universal 120-150w adaptor for the Beast v8.0, it states 150w through PCIE, can I power any card that doesn't reach 150W under a torture test? Or strictly cards designed for PCIE power (750ti)? Q: My processor is a ultra low voltage that isn't designed for gaming, how much of a bottleneck could this be? Look forward to reading your thoughts and hopefully posting my results over Christmas. Stu
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