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  1. Was opening up the EXP GDC Beast to do some troubleshooting (trying to figure out HDMI extender for that short short cable). came across a switch by the pcie slot that has "On/off" and then a pad down by the ctd switch with "off/6s". Was this supposed to have a switch attached? Can shorting the 6s to the common terminal do anything? Any ideas what the "On/Off" switch is for? It was in the off position when opened up. https://imgur.com/SQOUjGA
  2. Yes, we have a few Tektronix oscilloscopes at work that have something like 25GHz of bandwidth. And just because I have access to equipment and know how to use it, doesn't automatically mean I know 100% what to do. Things take time and troubleshooting to figure out. Might have to see about figuring out how to view signal while having it run. Hmm.. Forcing PCIe 1.0 might be an interesting troubleshooting method. Though I'm still curious if anyone who has experience using an extender or has been able to extend the length of the cable has had any success. Surely many of the users here do not like having their setup so close to their laptop (confined spaces on desks etc...).
  3. Well the signal is digital, so it either gets there or it doesn't. If it was analog signal, might make a much larger difference (as far as cable or shielding quality). My guess is the extremely high frequency over the longer length is what is causing enough signal deterioration to the point where it freaks out. Might hook it up to a state analyzer or oscilloscope to see if signal isn't getting through. Have you ever had any success or seen anything which might help?
  4. Hi all, Wanted to chime in and thank everyone here for all their help. I have been using an EXP GDC Beast with my R9 290 and Lenovo W520 without any issues. One small hiccup I've been encountering is that the cable from expressscard adapter to the Beast is far too short. So I got a 6ft HDMI extension cable to try and lengthen this. The computer is able to boot up and I can get to about the welcome screen (eGPU is working for just a bit), and then I lock out and blue screen and it resets. My guess is the signal is degrading in quality just enough in 6ft that the laptop can't receive enough signals and treats it like hot-unplugging the graphics card (immediate death). I've done a few searches here, but no one has really provided many sound answers or potential solutions. Does anyone have any experience on this topic? Surely people must be experiencing the issue of this cable not being long enough. I'm thinking of getting a 1.5ft and 3ft length cable and testing it out to see which one may work and provide stable results.
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