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  1. Hey Uhlhorn, I think the following line is what w4vz was trying to say: sudo ./automate-eGPU.sh -url http://de.download.nvidia.com/Mac/Quadro_Certified/367.15.10.15f03/WebDriver-367.15.10.15f03.pkg (This is assuming you are running Sierra 10.12.1 Build: 16B2659
  2. Yours is definately different from mine (which is good news for you, I guess). Also comparing to the diagram in the opening post of this thread it seems correct to me. But I got only limited knowledge in this field, thats why I was opting for a ready made solution in the first place. I'ts noticeable we both bought our adapters from the same eBay seller. Maybe he has gotten something wrong? I had a nice email conversation with him and he is now sending me another adapter with different layout. Shipping to Germany might take a while though. Once I receive my unit I will gladly report whether it might be different again from you adapter. Maybe one of the more experienced members can provide more feedback for you in the meanwhile
  3. The LED on your DELL-DA-2 turning orange is normal behaviour. Could you perhaps provide a picture of the adapter you purchased from eBay?
  4. Thanks for your feedback and for offering your support! Unfortunately I was not able to find a GTX 970 that I had reliable information would work with my Dell UP2715K@5K@60Hz. So I needed to go GTX 980. I found a great deal for an open box EVGA GTX 980 on Black Friday, so I ordered that. (for reference: https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B00O3JZAYA/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1) Thanks for the Info. I will not overclock the graphics card. It is only being used for video production, memory bandwidth is important in that case and I guess the GTX 980 220GB/s should be sufficient for quite some time. In the meanwhile I got my custom cable (shipping from North Carolina, USA) and the Dell DA-2 power supply. Unfortunately the colours of the wiring (black/yellow) / the placement of the paperclip seems to differ from the diagrams that can be found in the beginning of this thread. There is few different ways on how I could connect the adapter cable to the PSU. None of both variants is identical to the image in post #1 Would this still work? Am I missing something? Or is the adapter soldered incorrectly? UPDATE: I contacted the eBay seller, he told me I got a wrong cable indeed. Variant 1: Variant 2:
  5. So, after reading about your builds on this forum a few weeks I finally decided to build an eGPU for myself to improve performance in video editing software. I got an Akitio Thunder 2 and a DELL DA-2 Power supply that i would use to drive an nVidia GTX 970. As i am not really into physics and tools I ordered a cable solution from eBay: Unfortunately I cannot find a GTX 970 that is capable of connecting my Dual Cable Monitor, which requires 2x miniDisplayPort (Dell UP 2715K) So I had to change my mind and would now like to use a GTX 980. This card however requires 2 X 6-Pin Connections for power. As shipping costs to Germany for the above cable solution have been quite expensive I was wondering whether I could still use that cable and add something like a 1x6-Pin to 2x6-Pin Adapter like one can be found on Amazon: While not that aesthetically pleasing this could be an affordable solution. Do you think this would work? Or would this cause any (risk of) damage? Thanks!
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