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  1. so just downloaded this and installed it and it runs but there is no interface at all? the exe is running but no UI ever seems to load no errors show up no crash message either
  2. ya he was a senior programmer for IBM (hmm may be a pattern there, lol) here in connecticut, you had to be any two of the following to work in programming at ibm: bat shit insane, genius with computers, or great at managing people; i'll let you figure out which combo was the most common (here's a hint: it always included a particular one of these in almost every combo)
  3. that's understandable, wasn't aware of all the drama that has apparently happened. and i had assumed it was free as the prema mod site just had a donation button and the usual "help me help you" type of message and some older downloads so it went along with the usual appearance of the community dev type of website; my bad on that point. i suppose i can just get the system and then grab the battery and 3k screen at a later date and just install myself (also have the bonus of then having a spare lcd if something bad happens) i also agree with this and in an advantage to prema in this case is he then has a record of who has gotten access to the bios from payment or donation data. could also (considering the increased functionality the modded bios can enable) charge a pretty decent price for the downloads, to be honest i wouldn't blink an eye at $70 to $85 bucks per bios flavor, hell maybe even $100 in all consideration (but that's me, i know exactly how time consuming it is to both write and modify low-level driver code not even speaking of the bug squashing after each code revision and the different permutations of ways you have to try to get things to break during that) on a related note though in regards to the drama, i would say that (and this may be relevant or not, i've had no interaction with prema before) i would worry about prema getting burned out on dealing with stupid people doing stupid things; i've seen many a great developer burn out on trying to deal with said stupid people's actions. my uncle said it best in my opinion: "there's 3 constants in this world, that everyone has no option but to live with: death, taxes, and assholes; the first two you can do nothing about but the third only has as much power over you as you give them"
  4. ok has he said why he is shifting to that? seems a bit counter productive / intuitive if hes doing this for free or donations? i can understand on limiting the possibility for people to brick their hardware but thats on the person doing the bios flash not prema but not cutting off all access outside of system builder companies, seems a bit excessive in that regard.
  5. oh i know it matters i'm familiar with bios' and firmware modding in general i was more refering to if it matters if the shop lists the prema bios as an option at purchase, or if i can simply get the system from the shop that fits me best cost/warranty/options wise and then just flash the bios and vbios firmwares myself; i'd prefer that as then i could save a fair bit of money and have to put in minimal effort to do so (well minimal effort for me, i've built and worked on plenty of embedded systems so i'm pretty familiar with the whole "chip-world" side of IT for the most part) and as for the battery i am aware and i was actually planning on doing a 3d scan of the back lid and 3d printing a replacement that has a much easier (and quicker) access method for a battery swap, planning on using some taulman 910 filament: tough as nails stuff (roughly 7500-7600 PSI tensile strength) and very high temp tolerance (prints at 250-255 C) just nearly $40 per half KG reel so if i get the system from xoticpc can i just grab the bioses and flash the gpu and mainboard myself? or do the firmwares not get released like that? never owned a sager so the whole prema bit is new to me last gaming laptop for the last 4 years has been a upgraded Razer blade pro that i have been very pleased with but is finally aging out of rotation so to speak. oh and i would prefer the 3k honestly as i know what you mean on the 4k screens, they (outside of games) just seem to scrunch up a bit too much for my liking but 3k is actually a pretty decent middle ground for my eyes
  6. for the delta fan if you have the manufacturer's part numbers your best bet is a components supplier like mouser.com or digikey.com both these sites have global shipping / warehouses and mouser in particular is very good and will (if you dont have a part number) go and try to identify the part numbers if you send them some pics of the part or if you dont have it send them the specs (dimensions, voltages, connectors, etc etc.) also very reasonable on prices for most things on a side note who would you guys say is better to buy a 870dm2 from? HID, xotic, or someone else? xotic offers the 3k lcd on the dm3 with all the same other options as hid but total with a spare batt is $2482.23 to HID's $2509 for a dm2 with 4k lcd or $2351 with a 1080 LCD all other specs the same and no spare batt only reason i'm not going with xotic is i cant find if they do the prema bios or not (does that matter?)
  7. so looking at getting a new 870dm2 from HID and was looking but cant find much info, has there been a prema mod release for the 10xx series gpu systems yet or no?
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