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  1. Many potential Node buyers have been actively requesting this and I'm pretty sure Akitio is listening. It would be a huge mistake of theirs to oversee backwards compatibility of the Node to TB1 and TB2 MBPs. An eGPU setup should also focus on people with older computers that are looking for a performance boost, especially MPBs with outdated GPUs. That being said, I believe the Node will still work well on release with an Apple TB3<->TB1/2 adapter, supposedly bidirectional, resulting in an acceptable performance hit. The real question now is whether Akitio, Microsoft, and Apple can team up to make sure the software side of things runs smoothly.
  2. Welp. Now I'm crying too Please post updates on how the Node performs with older TB1/2-equipped MBPs using TB3 adapters. If the Node (with appropriate Thunderbolt adapter attached) + Windows 10 (bootcamp) combo works seamlessly with my 2012 rMBP, I will be instabuying the Node when released.
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