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  1. To make it easy for those who are new to this issue. On the other hand, 376.33 was just released, has anyone tried it yet?
  2. People be smarter.. you can't just copy over files from a driver to another without changing things and whatever.. that's not even half of what porting means... Adding Hardware IDs to the driver files so Windows Driver installer recognises it actually does the trick but you cannot expect the driver to work with the hardware correctly. Some laptops come with the mPCIe hotplug capability already enabled so the drivers earlier than 375.86 will actually work without the need to mod the BIOS to enable hotplugging capability, I've noticed this while experimenting on my netbook as it accepted the the 375.76 without any BIOS modding so it must have the hotplugging capability turned on by default. Please stop repeating the same thing over and over littering the thread further and further making the older posts unreadable for the others.. I'm not even talking about how some folks are not reading them and asking already asked questions. and I don't want to repeat this.. YOU CANNOT RUN THE 1050 (Ti) PROPERLY WITHOUT mPCIe HOTPLUG CAPABILITY ENABLED IN BIOS AND READ THE OLDER POSTS!
  3. Nvidia has pushed the 376.09 version. We need feedback EDIT: I was eager to try the new update thinking it might have fixed the issue, well, unfortunately it hasn't. Don't bother trying it out. (mPCIe with hotplug capability user) EDIT2: I've been looking into nvidia driver files and I found something rather interesting added in the latest driver 376.09.. a new revision of the GTX 1060 3GB with the hardware ID DEV_1B84 (PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_1B84&..), so If you happen to own a GTX 1060 3GB with that Hardware ID then no driver will help you. NVIDIA_DEV.1B84 = "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB" <-- The new Hardware ID included after 375.76 (last working driver) NVIDIA_DEV.1C02 = "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB" NVIDIA_DEV.1C03 = "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB"
  4. That's a normal process of updating the driver using the Express Install option where a restart is not necessary as it hotplugs itself when necessary.
  5. Indeed, seems like a non driver issue. Try playing around the eGPU setup and see if something is incorrectly plugged in, otherwise fiddle around the eGPU setup 1.30 or smth like that by Tech Inferno Fan as it could be the dGPU conflicting with the eGPU since the unified drivers can't allow you to use both graphics card (in some cases it's possible) so disabling the dGPU if you have any will help you solve the problem.. if not, your last resort is to mod the BIOS, enable hotplug capability in all mPCIe slots and also disable the dGPU (and optionally the iGPU if possible).
  6. Let's clarify some things, shall we? If you're using mPCIe with no Hotplug capability (or not sure): use Nvidia driver version 372.70 or earlier. If you're using ExpressCard or mPCIe with Hotplug capability: use Nvidia driver version 375.76 or earlier. If you're using Thunderbolt: Use either the Nvidia driver version 372.70 or earlier OR 375.86 or newer. Unfortunately, for those who are using the GTX 1050 Ti with no mPCIe hotplug capability or ExpressCard slot, you will not be able to use it correctly, the main reason is that the drivers for the GTX 1050 Ti are missing in the driver version 372.70 or earlier. We've concluded that this concerns only the Nvidia Pascal Architecture GPUs, so I personally recommend skipping this one or move to the Red team if eGPU matters to you. At the time of writing this, the latest available driver from nvidia is 375.95 which has completely broken mPCIe/ExpressCard eGPU capability.
  7. I had modded my computer's BIOS to enable hotplugging so I could get it to work.. same thing would happen with the 1050ti.. but the latest drivers broke everything.. I suggest moving to the red team.. nvidia seems to want that it seems
  8. all the Pascal cards are concerned, not only the 1050ti. Nvidia clearly wants us to move to AMD.
  9. nvidia has just pushed 375.95 I confirm that it does not work with the Hotplug option. Nvidia has broken it past version 375.76.
  10. Already tried contacting the support, they weren't that flexible and said that Desktop GPUs for Laptops are not supported, it was a She and I bet she was surprised to know that desktop GPUs are usable on Laptops... ridiculous but that did not stop me tho, I went ahead and filled a feedback along with some information but I doubt they will do anything now that all the thunderbolt folks whom we stood with even tho we had a solution through BIOS are no longer gonna even open this thread. I must confirm that the BIOS hotplug solution no longer works with the latest driver.
  11. I have noticed while installing the latest driver that they have disabled hotplugging while installing the driver.. which causes it not to work.. Sadly, they were not able to make it work with out the need of hotplugging making it even worse for those who're on PCIe and not Thunderbolt
  12. I'm having issues with it, the error 43 is back either Hotplug is enabled or not now. Update: Nvidia screwed us up once again, reverting to an older version (before 375.86) fixes this. (EXP GDC) Now what?
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