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  1. Hi, My Y50 at 40 degree turn on one of the two fans at high speed by emitting a boring noise. I've already unlocked the bios thanks to Klem, but from what I understand the fan control is carried out by EC firmware. No one has ever tried to mod it?
  2. the y50-70 is not supported Just turned on until the temperature does not exceed about 50 °, the fans stay idle, but once exceeded, even if cold, they continue to remain switched on. I could try to put a switch that stops the fans manually, but it's a fairly drastic solution.
  3. There isn't method to change the EC? I do not understand why the fans should turn on above 40 degrees at high speeds
  4. Now the fan no longer produces the cyclic noise, but I can not control the fans so that they turn over 63 °.These are the bios settings.
  5. Hello, I asked you a few months ago if I could modding the bios. I noticed that the big fan continues to emit a click every second at low temperatures, changing the parameters of thermal configuration, nothing happens. is there any way to turn off the fans under a certain temperature and not hear cyclical click. Unfortunately because of this I had to reflash the original bios. Thanks
  6. Thank you very much, everything works except the undervolt. Applying a undervolt of just 10 mV to cpu, the computer can not boot and I have to reset the bios.
  7. Sorry I confused the term, I wanted to understand a PM. The site gives me an error like "Something went wrong. Please try again. Error code: EX0 "
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