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  1. Can you share a link proofing this info? Which one will it be? Kaby Lake or Coffee lake?
  2. Hey @DanKnight is there any news concerning 16 mbps compatibility? @theitsage posted an update concerning addition of Metal Support and Acceleration in 10.12.2 Beta 2.
  3. Great news again @DanKnight. Did you test it with f-keys pro '16? Can it send video signal back to internal mac lcd? Did you use amd or nvidia? My guess is not. Have you ever seen tb2 to tb3 adapter? Cause apple released tb3 to tb2, not vice versa.
  4. Wow @DanKnight, that's great news, can't wait to see benchmark results.
  5. OK, thanks! But what about difference in performance between stealth/core and XPS/core (http://www.ultrabookreview.com/10761-razer-core-review/)? Can I assume that Razer came up with something to minimize tb3 controller latency?
  6. So recently reviewed PowerColor Devil Box loses about 25% of desktop gpu power (tested with quadcore laptop cpu and even more with low-voltage cpu). Are we going to see same performance form Node? Unfortunately pcie x4 is not the case
  7. What matters most is egpu experience with different laptop manufacturers/gpus/os. Please don't try to do everything at once. USBs, RJs and powering laptop are all great but not essential. And certainly will postpone release date.
  8. I guess it also depends on whether you're sending back video signal to internal display or not. Btw will it work with Node? @DanKnight can you tell us what are the main problems you encountered during testing? There must be some sort of explanation why razer core is the only tb3 egpu product despite the fact that many manufacturers like asus, msi and giga exhibited their own products but never released em.
  9. So you're testing it with different gpus from amd and nvidia. That's great but what about different devices? Is it only skull canyon? Wondering about compatibility with the upcoming mb pro. Can it be tested now using tb3 to tb2 adapter?
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