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  1. Thanks, I thought I was alone on this matter since noone else seemed to have issues. I understand the connection lost issue, and as mentioned rarely happening now. But the texture glitches are just really annoying. I wouldn't say that they are explicitly memory errors, as sometimes just completely different texture are loaded in, like text or other shapes. Sounds to me like overwatch tries to read a texture from memory from x adres expecting texture x to be returned but instead reads texture y, or partly.. I dunno. Shouldn't be happening tho, as no other game has these problems :(.
  2. Hi there, So I am happily running my e-gpu setup with a exp gdc beast v8 and a r9 390 together with my laptop, a msi ge60 2pc apache from 2014. I had no issues relating to gaming whatsoever, until I tried playing Overwatch... the first month after getting this game were alright, some rendering device lost errors, and a few unexplainable(apparenty) texture glitches. Now recently, the rendering device has been lost error appeared not as frequent as before (before it happend every third game or so, but now it doesn't happen in days). Unfortunately though, my graphical texture glitches became worse. At first I wasn't really bothered by them, because it only happend in small areas once or twice during a game session of two hours. It didn't impact my framerate at all. Until last few weeks. Now it's happening in almost every game. I am not able to maintain my 60+fps frame rate on low either (used to have between 80 - 100, which is normal for these kind of gpu's). I am wondering if this is due to my e-gpu solution, and if someone else is experiencing/had experienced similar issues, which if he did, might have solved and is willingly to share the solution it with me :X. I tried contacting blizzard through their customer service live chat (which is awesome, they are kind, and try to help you even though sometimes they lack knowledge). They didn't have a solution either (contacted them three times). As to an example of the glitches, I composed a Imgur post with about 115 occurrences, some are minor, but some make the game quit unpleasant: http://imgur.com/a/zj3mN Thanks in advance!
  3. Cant seem to find a ngff port on your motherboard, but yours does have a mpcie slot, where your wifi card is currently seated (upper right corner of that mobo picture). If your willing to get rid of that, than you can use the mpcie version of the exp gdc beast version: http://www.banggood.com/Mini-PCI-E-Version-V8_0-EXP-GDC-Beast-Laptop-External-Independent-Video-Card-Dock-p-1011222.html?rmmds=search
  4. Prologue I like hardware. But I don't like spending money where I shouldn't. One of those things are a new desktop for just some casual gaming. Since I am already running a decent laptop as you can see down below. I wanted to get the best out of my money, and I already knew that CPU's age very well, as there are no major improvements in the last few generations of Intel's line up. (~5 - 15% IPC increase from haswell to skylake). But GPU's are improving very quickly these days. The one big BIIIG draw back with laptops is that they aren't quit upgrade-able, apart for some memory here and there. Luckily, with some work arounds, I found out that using these kinds of devices called mpci to pci-e extenders you can connect a full blown desktop gpu to your laptop. So, me thinking... buying and building a desktop is way more expensive and a waste of money if you still have a decent laptop with at least a decent CPU. (Though, depending on what Zen turns out to be, I will build a new desktop... just because...) . Right, so first step... finding the right eGpu dock for me out there. I do travel quit a bit to college, were I do need my laptop. So I want it to be easily disconnected and reconnected. My search very quickly narrowed down to the EXP GDC BEAST, though, I knew that it wasn't a so called "quality" product. But portability was a bit more important, and including the pretty low costs of this device, I just went: what the hell... why not. By that time, I still had my old hd7850 laying around. So all went well, it got delivered... all fine. My stupid excited head didn't do a good enough research and just went straight ahead and plugged the 4pin male plug that sits right next to the big motherboard connector of my PSU into the bloody thing.... WROOONG. It didn't fit quit right either, but with some wiggling it slid in just as well, so I was just thinking that it had to be the bad quality that I so much heard of. Right... smoke. Yup... but that wasn't only due to me misplugging the damn thing, I forgot to switch the switch for PSU <-> Power brick as well. Which defaults to Power brick... MOOOOORRRE SMOOOKKEEE. (Though in my defense, noone ever mentioned that there was a switch for that.... at least in the manual). But by some miracle... after doing everything right this time... it still had live in it. I got my old HD 7850 working like a charm. A few days later, I got notice of a fellow student which happend to be my friend that he was selling his "old" GPU, the Sapphire Nitro R9 390 8GB. He had money to spend so he went straight to the 1080 ^^. He didn't really care about the market value of the damn thing apparently, as he offered to sell it to me for just about 150 euro (he had the GPU for about 6 months). Newly bought this things currently still sells for 400 ish euro in my country... I couldn't let this deal slip right past me. Ok. Back to the egpu. Somewhat skeptic, I swapped it with my HD7850 and to my suprise... it didn't budge a bit, worked straight away. But then.... (tensions rises).... the day after.... when I was just casually watching a Youtube video... poof. Gone. Dead. Cold. My gpu suddenly had a heatstroke apparently and no matter what I did, neither the HD 7850 or the R9 390 could be recognized by my laptop.... Sad face me still in shock went ahead and tried to get my money back from the shop where I bought it. Luckily... after quit some discussion with the service people there (they were trying to put the blame on me, but didn't have a clue about what they were talking about), I got my money back... But I got hooked... It worked just perfectly fine, my GPU's weren't faulty (my grandma desktop recognized them) and I really didn't want to sit there waiting for zen with my newly second handed r9 390 in my pocket. So after some more googling, there apparently was a warehouse in the same continent that sold it as well.. cheaper. I was already set on spending my money at something to get this working, and since it probably was partly my fault that my previous exp gdc beast died. I wen't ahead and bought it again.... and now we are here :D. Hardware My laptop: MSI GE60 2PC Apache (2014) -i7 4710HQ @2.5Ghz -8GB RAM (1x Kingston Value @1666Mhz) -GTX 850M 2GB Maxwell dGPU/HD4600 iGPU -Windows 10 Pro 64bit My eGPU: R9 390 Sapphire Nitro 8GB GDDR5 - EXP GDC BEAST v8.4d mPCIe - Corsair CX600 PSU - external LG 22EA63 21.5" @ 1080p My (temporary) setup: http://i.imgur.com/KedPWB2.jpg Configuration At first it didn't want to recognize my old gpu (the hd7850), but I found a option in the bios which sets the timeout time where a PCI device needs to report back within. It was set to 32, after tinkering around... it started working after I put it to 96/128. Right... following steps are just installing AMD's drivers (not even removing the other drivers from Nvidia/Intel...). To boot it up... just turn on the PSU before turning on your laptop. Couldn't be easier. Right time for some benchmarks... I put together a "album/post" on imgur with pictures of the scores mentioned below which you can see here: http://imgur.com/gallery/niTRv. I also ran them on my old gtx 850m, just to see the difference: The 850M runs at stock speeds here, but the R9 390 got a OC to 1140/1600. I take the results from the GTX 850m as 100% mark. Benchmark GTX 850M Maxwell R9 390 Increase (%) 3DMark Time Spy (Demo - Total score) 1097 3740 ~341% Unigen Heaven 4.0(Extreme FHD) 405 1297 ~320% Unigen Valley (Extreme FHD) 722 2193 ~304% This tells me... I got 3 times the performance. All together... I spend about 200 euro to get this "upgrade". Well... if I had to buy a PSU as well, it would've cost me about 230/250. Which is awesome :D. And to finalize to comparison with a R9 390 not being bottle necked by a PCI Gen 2 x1 bus speed: (The non bus bottleneck scores are taken from the resources noted down below, please be reminded that those numbers can vary per card, I just picked the best one that I found (considering cpu as well)). Benchmark R9 390 at Gen 2 x1 R9 390 at Gen 2/3 x16 Difference (%) 3DMark Time Spy (Demo - GPU Score) 3740 3904* ~5% Unigen Heaven4.0(Extreme FHD) 1297 1490** ~13% Unigen Valley (Extreme FHD) 2193 2515*** ~13% So at max, if you take the cpu out of the equation (3DMark score includes CPU), the bottleneck created by the PCI bus is around 13%. Now for the sources: * http://www.3dmark.com/spy/41464 **http://www.overclock.net/t/1568187/lightbox/post/24559352/id/2621443 ***https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKO7GSmokwE You can see me here doing the GTA V benchmark while playing a tiny bit with the settings, but please do ignore my terrible english talking/accent.
  5. I actually have multiple questions, and I don't really want to spam the thread with multiple questions so here I am, asking two of em. Situation: I recently bought a EXP GDC Beast v8.0 and due to (probably) partly my mistake and probably being a faulty product, it stopped working after a few days. (Might've been the cable as well). My laptop is MSI GE60 2PC Apache, and by some luck and fiddling I could route the hdmi cable within my laptop from the mpcie port through the dvd drive bay, making it a more portable plug & play solution, which is my main goal. My laptop is still used for college so I need to be able to quickly grab it with me. Due to me fiddling with the cable, it is possible that I might've killed the cable, but I have no way of knowing for sure, as there there is no physical evidence that there is something wrong with it. Anyway, now I am back by step 1. I posted my issues here and Nando suggest to ask for a refund and go with the PE4C or something similar. Right, first question. I started to look into it a bit, and found out that the PE4C v3.0 for 60 bucks supports PCI-E Gen3. My question here is: is that for marketing, as in, due to back compatibility your gen 3 gpu/pci card works on our product, but we conveniently left that part of the information out and slapped a Gen3 Comp logo on it. Or does it really support gen3 transfer speeds? If so, my second question: I only have a mpcie slot available for this stuff. I searched like a madmen through google and this forum, but I can't find out if the mpcie slot supports gen3 speeds. So the questions is: In general, are there mpcie slots that supports gen3 speeds? And specific to my situation: Does MINE support gen3? My third and final question: Are there any experiences with a mpcie extender such as this: http://www.hwtools.net/ExtenderBoard/P22S-P22F.html + a egpu setup? I mean, I really want to be able to just plug and play my laptop with my egpu device. I would basically do the same as I did with the exp gdc's hdmi cable as described in the intro. If this would somehow get me a more stable and good chance of getting my setup working, than I am willing to pay the extra money. Specs, if these are necessary for your reply: MSI GE60 2PC Apache (2014 version) i7 4710HQ - 2.5Ghz - 3.4Ghz 8GB Kingston Value soddim DDR3 Ram @1666Mhz 256GB Samsung 850 Evo mSata SSD 1TB HDD Running: Windows 10 Pro 64bit and a custom bios(with more in dept pci settings of which I have zero knowledge, but that's for later). Thanks in advance for all your replies!
  6. Thanks for your reply, I explicitly went with the gdc beast due to the plug able hdmi cable because my laptop is still used for my studies. I am not really sure if I would be able to get a refund due to my mistake with the power switch and the broken switch. There is nothing I can do myself?
  7. Hello everyone, Im Rare, I like hardware and pushing thing to their limits, I also do like trying to get the best out of my money. I am very interested in eGpu and own a EXP GDC BEAST v8.4d. Im deciding if I should buy a r9 390 from a friend but atm I am rocking a hd 7850. I am here though to look for help because it died when testing the r9 390. But that's something that will be answered when my post gets approved^^. Anyway, as for laptop, I am rocking a MSI ge60 2pc apache. I do study IT and robotics in particular, so I guess I do have some technical background, but nothing major. Hence why I am still here asking probably noob questions and doing stupid stuff destroying things etc xD. Oh well, I enjoy reading every diy setup posts here and seeing them perform so well ^^. I hope that I will get to learn more and more about it and that I eventually even can answer some questions myself.
  8. Hi, I might be beating a dead horse here... but I'm quit desperate because I don't want to see my money being wasted here (Though I knew the risks). The hardware in question: MSI GE60 2PC Apache (2014). Rocking: i7 4710HQ 8 GB Ram 256 GB Samsung mSata SSD 1 TB HDD GTX 850M 2GB GDDR5 Maxwell version Two gpu's: HD 7850 Sapphire Dual-X R9 390 Sapphire Nitro And a ATX PSU: Corsair CX600 (600 Watt) Alright here is my story: When it arrived... I made a big mistake. I didn't realize that there was a switch to switch between ATX and Brick(whatever it's called). So i just connected my ATX psu and POOF. Smoke. Well, me immediately thinking that I'm done for. Till I opened it up and discovered that there was a switch. A switched it to ATX mode and, luckily, after some fiddeling with my STOCK bios and the PCI Timings it finally recognized my HD 7850. I then turned to my laptop, and thought; "Can I hide the mpci to hdmi cable inside my DVD drivebay?", which, apparently, I could. All ends well. That was three days ago. Moving to the day before today, I luckily could get my hands on a 390 from a friend (which hes currently selling so I might buy it) to test it out. At first I had my reservations about the possibility that it would work instantaneously... but, I was wrong. I plugged it in... turned on my psu, booted my laptop, and bwam, there it was, happily showing me my desktop through the R9 390. I even got around to do some testing, both valley, the division and the witcher 3 ran as smooth as it could be on my pci gen2 x1 lane. Now about today: This morning, I booted everything up, and faintly noticed that my GPU Fans where not spinning (though its normal for a R9 390 to not spin its fans when idling). I went on to youtube as my daily routine...and after about 20 minutes of video... bwam, screen gone, and the fans suddenly ramping up to 100% derived from the wall of sound that came upon me. I suppose that something went wrong with the temperature sensor not reporting its temperature and the fans not turning on. Anyway, after it had hit its thermal maximum temperature, I suppose it internally told the gpu to stop doing whatever its doing and ramp up the fans as much as possible. But that wasn't my biggest problem. I booted it up again and it did came back to life. I then went into my oc'ing tool (Sapphire Strixx)(I didn't came around OC'ing it yet!) to check the fan profiles... it gave me an error that it couldn't read the temperature sensor. So it send me to the static fan speed page... which was running at 20%. But when I started to change the fan speed (just for checking it out) it hanged my laptop. And unfortunately... no life came back to my gpu. At first I thought my gpu was the one that was faulty. But when I went ahead and plugged my HD 7850 back in (which worked fine just days ago, including fans that adjusted to temperature), still no life. The fans were spinning alright tho. The final thing that I did was messing with the pci latencies... as it worked to get my hd 7850 to run at first. But nope. Nothing. Nada. I did notice a very high pitched (but not high in volume) sound coming from the exp gdc (i think), when it was working, before it died. There are a few things that I could think of which might be the cause or explain it: The smoke when I first tried it meant that it had burnt something(DUH), after I got it working I thought that only the protection circuitry for the power brick died, but it might have caused more issues on the pcb? When I fiddled with my mpcie to hdmi cable, I did had to bend it a few times a bit roughly as well as push it within a gap. Maybe the cable as has a kink in it? (As it does not seem to do anything at bootup). But I didn't move it when the crash happened, and it was left in the same position when I ran The Witcher 3 the day before. (see here). When I was playing around with the PTD switch (when I first tried it, not during the crash)... it broke of, luckily left in the OFF position (I checked with my Multimeter / Continuity mode), which seemed to have worked fine. Maybe a bios/windows issue, issues with my oc software (saphire strixx) or something among those things? See this video for the condition of the pcb, including the burned voltage regulator and broken switch. (Bottom looks totally unharmed so it wasn't worth filming.) There is one last question which I couldn't really find any answer for when searching here or googling: There is a switch called Slim line on the pcb, default is "Stand", and the other option is "Ultra". I left it on ultra after figuring out that my HD 7850 got recognized the first time, so I didn't really give it much thought afterwards, but now I am curious what this switch does. But back to my main questions: Is this thing really a dead horse? Or is it savable? Am I doing something more stupid than what I have already done? (How) Can I test the pcb to be sure that it isn't the burning that made it go poof? Oh and I do know about Nando's DIY eGpu Setup 1.3, but as I said, it was working before, I have no clue about the risk using Setup 1.3 and I am not really sure if it would fix my issues at the moment. + it costs me 20 euro more. And oh yeah... when it worked... it worked perfect. Anyway, thanks in advance! Edit*: After quit a lot of email contact I got my exp gdc beast refunded, I might go with the PE4C V3.0 as suggested by Nando, I do have some questions before the final decision which I will add in a new thread/topic thing.
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