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  1. I want to buy a crimp connector to replace the case fan and I am not sure what to get.
  2. The tuning process is very slow if one needs to reboot for each modification. Is there a better way? Thanks
  3. It is not possible to have AMDRadeonX3000.kext and AMDRadeonX4000.kext loaded at the same time. They have conflicting definitions. And gfxCardStatus only supports 1 discrete card, so it's not possible to choose which. I had no choice but to take away the old card kexts. The automation script needs to be able to remove them on boot, and restore them on shutdown. Now the eGPU provides a big boost. But no way to choose 4K@60Hz. The Heaven benchmark stalls seriously. This does not happen on the PC under TB2 but this is TB1. Maybe it's some other process.
  4. Hello, The Gigabyte RX460 4G in the Akitio with a universal 144W charger (overkill) just works on my Skylake laptop running Windows 10. This card does not have a power connector, but I had to remove the Akitio's fan for it to fit (I will check about putting a thinner one). It is connected via the Startech TB3TB2 converter and has no problem going through a Startech TB2 dock. It puzzles me that the specs of this card announce a TDP of 84W when PCIe can only provide 75. In general, the RX460 under TB2 seems to be performing more or less similarly as the GTX960 in the notebook. Good thing I did not buy it for that, and no dual purpose is simpler. I benchmarked the PC ant it seems that placing the eGPU first in the chain instead of after a dock has a non-negligible small beneficial impact. Sometimes the image on the external display goes away and I have to put the computer to sleep to get it back. It could be heat, AMD firmware, TB converter, driver, or Windows. Mac: On my 17" MBP Early 2011 Windows 10 boot gives a black screen and in Sierra the card is not recognized. So I tried this script with Sierra, but it's just using the dGPU via the eGPU's HDMI. I tried disabling the LCD but it did not help, and gfxCardStatus won't allow me to switch to iGPU to see if switching to discrete then activates eGPU rendering. So, I checked out the EFI demo, but I just get a grey LCD screen when it tries to start OSX. And it doesn't work for Windows either. Thanks NOTE: The script is wrong, Baffin is not a variant, but an eGPU name, I had to edit it.
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