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  1. Hi Thiago_Stark, I can't see all of your images...I wrote a step by step guide to how I got my setup working. It's very detailed with pictures. I'm about to put it on a blog if you're interested?
  2. You're right the startup.bat works just fine when I select the automatic option from the menu. Cheers, Tech Inferno Fan. I now have a fully working eGPU that's quick to setup. I just need to figure how to make it more portable now. Regards, gooch
  3. I finally got my eGPU setup working! In the end I returned the graphics card I had and bought another one (EVGA GTX 750 Ti with the single fan) and it works flawlessly. I'm very pleased with the performance. Now, on to my next issue... @Tech Inferno Fan How do I automate my STARTUP.bat file so that it will perform PCI compaction and apply my DSDT substitution without me manually having to do it each time I restart my machine? This is the contents of my STARTUP.bat: call vidwait 60 call vidinit -d %eGPU% call pci pt MEM writefromfile 1 0xDAFE8000 WDK_DSDT.AML :end call chainload mbr Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards, gooch
  4. When you created your DSDT file (the .AML file) did it say you had any errors? Errors are really bad. You can ignore the warnings, but your DSDT file needs to be error-free otherwise it won’t work properly and it could be why you get the BSOD on booting to Windows. The guides on here are confusing and there are mistakes here and there (not to be ungrateful for the time people have put into making them I’m just making an observation). I managed to create a DSDT file that boots to Windows without issue even with the eGPU plugged in. I wrote some notes and the commands I used to create the file and if you like I can PM you the details? It took me about 20 hours to finally get a fully working DSDT file. I would just give you the DSDT file, but my machine is a Lenovo T530. In the eGPU Setup 1.30 you can configure a DSDT substitution, so instead of you having to overwrite your registry with the DSDT file it temporarily applies the DSDT file (until you reboot the machine). However, you need to get the DSDT file working before you start fiddling with around with eGPU Setup 1.30. Regards, gooch
  5. I have a Enermax 500 watt modular PSU. The card is powered through the 8-pin connector that connects to the 24-pin (motherboard) and 4-pin (CPU) cables on the PSU. There is also additional power to the card using a dual molex to 8 pin cable. Here's a picture of my setup at the moment. It should have all the power it needs...
  6. Nice to hear it's working for you. I wish it was for me! I have a Lenovo T530 (i5-3320M, 16GB RAM) and the EXP GDC v8 ExpressCard adapter and I can't run a 3d benchmark test without the eGPU turning off immediately. I have Setup 1.30 that performs a DSDT substitution and that works with no problems, but it seems when I run anything remotely graphically intensive it turns itself off.
  7. Hello guys, I’m stuck on an issue and I don’t know how to resolve it and I'm so close to getting it working! Some background info: Windows 10 Lenovo T530 16GB RAM EXP GDC V8 Adapter Intel i5-3320M @ 2.6GHz TOLUD = 3.49GB NVidia GTX750 Ti FTW GPU iGPU Intel HD4000 Enermax ELT500AWT (500 watt) PSU I’ve got an EXP GDC V8 adapter that plugs into my laptop via the ExpressCard slot. I bought the eGPU Setup 1.30 as my laptop has more than 3GB of RAM and I didn’t want to take it all out. I’ve managed to successfully (after many hours!) create an AML file so that I can perform a DSDT substitution using Setup 1.30. That all works fine and I get the large memory appear in Device Manager and my system boots fine without the BSOD. I install the latest drivers for my card and disable my internal screen and have only my external on. I’m trying to play 7 Days to Die – it loads fine and I can start a game and then 5 seconds later…The eGPU turns off and my internal display turns on and it’s just running the iGPU. I’m using 36-bit compaction on both iGPU + eGPU with chainloader is set to 'mbr' and I don't get any errors in the Device Manager. Am I doing something wrong? I’m pretty much just doing trial and error with the configuration in eGPU 1.30. Here's my setup currently: Regards, gooch
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