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  1. I'm sorry bro, I not visiting this forum very often any more. Hope you could solve your problem. Write me a PM if you still need help. I'll check back in a few days. (My eGPU still works fine btw to bad TH05 was discontinued... )
  2. did you find my thread and switched gpus in efi shell? stumbled upon this site after a very long time as you'll see, so you might be very lucky. should still work for your model. it does for me. EDIT: if you can't make it work or dont get any addtional help sent me a pm, i'll check back in a few days.
  3. I doubt it's a power problem. While you GPU manual will tell you otherwise 200-250W should be fine (you don't want to run a PC just a GPU) I'm using a TH05 so i won't be a big help regarding your sonnet. never had such freezes
  4. Remove Intel HD drivers from the your Bootcamp Bundle and it should install fine. (The Nvidia driver should work though newer drivers show better performance) Error 31 is actually ok. you just have to install proper Nvidia drivers. You shouldn't try to install any driver for your Intel HD and it should show as Basic Display Adapter in Device Manager. I'm usually boot only using my Intel HD to save some power but can boot using my gt 650m aswell.
  5. If you are able to boot windows (safemode maybe?) just start windows' software uninstaller (system -> uninstall a programm) and remove both WDDM drivers. If you can't boot at all (mostl likely a blackscreen with active mousecursor) you'll might have to reinstall or remove the WDDM drivers using command prompt. To prevent further (auto)updated check eg. here IMHO Windows WDDM drivers notices both Intel and Nvidia chips and want to launch/install Optimus but can't make it. Interestingly both drivers show the same issues even if only one of both and no other gfx driver is installed. After speaking to some Hackintosh guys this "might" be fixable with DSDT. The intel hd 4000 starts with to little memory to handle the retina display on its own. Similar fixes have been done for HackOSX systems in the past which where unable to run @ 2560x1440. I haven't digged deeper cause you'll most like need a guy whos really into DSDT stuff.
  6. external works flawless both as separate or mirrored display using apples TB to DVI/VGA adapter.
  7. Be sure disable to autoupdate for WDDM Nvidia and Intel drivers (Remove the WDDM Updates if already installed) Both will result in blackscreen.
  8. for win8.1 there was absolutely no guide needed to install it on my mbpr 2015 15". have you even tried it? if so whats the acutall problem.
  9. Bloatware? Nvidia 337 = 231MB WDDM1.3 = 233MB I dunno man. I'd bet 337 beates any WDDM driver you ever had. Anyway this is a nonsens discussion. If Microsoft's WDDM doesn't work, try another one, eg the one that worked flawless before or the official one. Problems with Microsoft WDDM aren't uncommon just check google.
  10. Why do you need WDDM Drivers? They are usually alot worse and less featured then Nvidia's original drivers. From what I've seen, I'd guess the WDDM Drivers recognize an IGPU and try to start Optimus but cant make it. At least the result on my screen looks _exactly_ the same as my broken Intel HD4000 drivers + Nvidia, besides the fact there are no Intel HD drivers at all. Your problem might be kinda different though. Do you see a mousecursor on your external screen (you have to attach one you won't see it on your internal) while your egpu is connected and running on those WDDM Drivers? EDIT: also take a look here
  11. Win8.1 recently had a similar update. Also received blackscreen with only the mousecursor poping up after installing the Nvidia Drivers. (didn't even tried to install the Intel ones so at least in my case Nvidia Drivers caused the problem) Try to boot in SafeMode and remove the NvidiaDrivers (completely) in Device Manager. Take a look at Nvidias new 337 Beta drivers. They work great in my case.
  12. I found my GPU's (560 Ti + 660 Ti) to be more picky while overclocking (compared to a desktop). Do you have a non OC card at hand? (or maybe try to downclock your GPU just a little) On the other hand I never had a blackscreen without an overclock. Last weekend my brother came by and Assetto Corsa ran literally the whole weekend without a single crash.
  13. Yeah it should be usable at half bandwidth (TB1). But why are you trying to accomplish this while your TB1 device seems to work fine? Are you using a TB2 or a TB1 cable? (BTW: would you be so kind to upload your pci.bat plz so we have some reference?)
  14. MacBook Pro Retina 2012 doesn't support TB2 as it's Ivy Bridge. Only Haswell has this feature.
  15. Single GPU I guess? 5.1.5640 = 2013 modells 5.1.5621= all previous modells
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