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  1. Yes it would be great to use the internal Display. On an external Display I scored 6300 in Fire Strike. Think thats ok because of the weak cpu. But the hd graphics is still used on the external display and gets very hot. Is there no way to disable the igpu? Thanks for your help
  2. Hey I have a Problem with my Egpu Setup. I have a MacBookPro mid 2012 with Intel hd graphics 4000 + a gtx 980 as a Egpu + Windows 8.1 pro. I builded the hole thing and installed the newest drivers. My Problem is that the pc finds the egpu but doesnt use it. All Games etc. are running on Intel hd graphics. I doesnt know what to do. How can I switch between the 2 GPUs? Would be very nice if someone could help me! Thanks
  3. Kanex announced a lot of interesting products for upcoming Thunderbolt 3 Notebooks a few time ago.... http://www.kanex.com/thunderbolt3/ Also an Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt 2 Adapter
  4. Thanks for your quick answer. Would it work with a r9 290x or crash every card from the r9 xxx series. I don't want to buy a gtx 970 because I think i get trouble playing in 2560 x 1440 resolution.[h=1][/h]
  5. Hey, First of all thanks to goalque for his great job make it much easier to use a egpu. I also want to built an egpu but I am not sure wether i should buy an gtx 970 or an and R9 390. I've read about many successfully builds with the nvidia in this forum but the 390 has more power to play games in wqhd. So my question is wether anybody has made experiences with the 300 series from amd. Thanks for your help sorry for my bad english
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