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  1. Another night at the track and some tuning. Getting a lot of wheel slippage and the engines running too rich...I know I can clock in faster with a higher trap speed in the 1/4...hmmm...in due time... Personal PR. (18660) 3rd Overall (GTX1080 Notebook Class). 1st in 775 Class. +11.3 Points for Team T|i ==================================================================================================================== Personal PR. (7238) 4rd Overall (GTX1080 Notebook Class). 1st in 775 Class. ================================================================= Personal PR. (X10967) 2rd Overall (GTX1080 Notebook Class). 1st in 775 Class. ================================================================= Personal PR. (P21413) Although this was a goofy run as it froze half way through then resumed. Strange...I'll run it again. 3rd Overall (GTX1080 Notebook Class). 1st in 775 Class.
  2. Thank you. Ah I was looking for the $20 sale to obtain both of them as I'd love to run those as well. Know where I can find that deal? ps. How much more do you think I'd be able to gain with Prema Magic on top of those scores?
  3. With some more fine tuning...new personal PR: (This is all Pre-Prema Magic) High Five -> Team T|i
  4. My pleasure. Have fun and stay cool! (-Celsius) [emoji14] ::iunlock::
  5. Finally beat my personal record. 3rd place overall for 1x GTX1080 (Notebook). 1st place for 775 Class. Another one down in the books for Team T|i
  6. I haven't really focused too much on Cinebench, although I did run it a few times. But here's a run I just did now....Temps are great. Liquid Metal is doing its job. @ 4.6GHz @ Stock Clocks Ambient Temp:
  7. I haven't really focused too much on Cinebench, although I did run it a few times. But here's a run I just did now....Temps are great. @ 4.6GHz @ Stock Clocks Ambient Temp:
  8. Guys guys...@Prema shouldn't have to be buying his own thermal pads. @Prema, would an Amazon gift card suffice? Perhaps we can (yes speaking for us all ) can send some codes your way so that you can grab the best pads (FP 17.0w m/k) Let me know if the Amazon GC would work for you and I'll send some your way so you can get some thermal pads. You have our full support. Update: Ah I've just realized, to avoid putting @Prema on the spot to answer directly since he's humble, we shall resort to the dedicated donation thread.
  9. Oddly enough, despite the density of the 17.0's they do seem like they have a little more give than the 11.0's. It's really odd I know....the 17.0's I would say have just a tad bit more tolerance than the 11.0's. It should be the other way around, but in this case it's not...confused yet? Yea I hear ya on the cost of them things. However, I told myself that it's just one of them things where it's worth going all out in order to have pads with the maximum thermal conductivity potential. We need every drop of C's as we can get.
  10. Update: Here you go...might be hard to see in the pics, but the texture (not referring to the protective plastic) is different between the 11.0w m/k and 17.0's Left is 17.0 ....Right is 11.0
  11. Having used various types of Fujiploy pads, mostly the 17.0w/mk in particular, I can confirm that the higher you go in the thermal ratings the more dense the pads are. The FP 17.0w/mk pads are dense, but still flexible and soft. However, there is not much give on them so one would have to make sure to size up the pads the best they can, otherwise if the application is too thick the harder density of the pads risk lifting of the HS...although I think it'll be okay and the VRM's would compress enough to where it shouldn't be an issue. I'll have full specs of the sizes for the P775DM3 here shortly. Actually I have them already, but am working on my review and it'll be included in there.
  12. What I've done before is sandwich the molding clay using saran wrap, but just use enough clay to cover the chip / die. It works wonders.
  13. Thanks @Prema, for the Team T|i hwbot invite. I've officially joined. Submitting some scores now... Update: I'm at 3rd Overall for Fire Strike and Time Spy. Please help me beat my PR... Just need a few more points to bump up to 2nd.
  14. Out of curiosity, could everyone share your Under Volt, Max OC and Package Power numbers? Run OCCT for the CPU stability test for at least 30 minutes. *** Please post stable clocks only and not under volts or OC's that will only last a few seconds before locking up. The Package Power will fluctuate a lot in patterns so please try to obtain a solid average to the best of your abilities or just state, "Low 90's, Mid 90's, or High 90's etc..." *** ----------------------------copy/paste-------------------------- Machine Specs: FROM: Hansung (BOSSMONSTER) [P775DM3] CPU: 6700K GPU: GTX 1080 CPU Thermal Paste: Grizzly Conductonaut + Delidded GPU Thermal Paste: Grizzly Conductonaut F1 Fan: ON Stock Clocks: (Max Stable Under Volt) CPU UV Core: -225mv CPU UV Cache: -225mv Package Power: High 60's CPU OC'ed to 4.6GHz: (Max Stable Under Volt) CPU UV Core: -55.7mv CPU UV Cache: -55.7mv Package Power: Mid 90's Max CPU OC: 4790.64, but still Testing... Voltage: Testing... --------------------------------------------------------------------- Feel free to add anything else to the list and screen shots would be great. 4.6GHz @ -55.7mv Stock Clocks @ -225mv
  15. Please share your lottery experience by using the format below: EDIT: Please refer to this thread. Click here. ==========================copy/paste======================== 6700K Silicon Lottery What is your Max stable clocks? 4.6GHz @ -200mv Core / -200mv Cache Delidded? Yes Thermal Paste: Grizzly Conductonaut all around. =========================bottom============================
  16. I have a ton of photos from the repaste photoshoot. Is there anything in particular you're looking for or am wanting to see? I'm working on a full review at the moment where I was going to post the pics. ::iunlock::
  17. Well guys...so now we know... What are your thoughts and first initial impressions? Do you foresee the new cooling design being able to cool the 1080 better than DTR's/Clevo's? Are you going to be ditching your current AW to get the new one? Will you be buying a different brand all together? Reason for the switch? Are you willing to pay DTR prices for the new AW if it turns out that way? (AW 1070 pricing is now available) Which screen option will you be opting for? FHD, QHD, or 4K? Do you care for Tobii? How long do you normally keep your laptop? -> Do you normally upgrade every year with the latest refresh? --> If so, is having LGA/MXM really practical for you? Things that I like: "...magnesium alloy for rigidity, copper for better performance and steel...." ".....overclockable DDR4 system memory capable of up to 2667 MHz overclockable DDR4 system memory capable of up to 2667 MHz....." ".... 17" QHD 120Hz display is designed to deliver the smoothest gaming experience with 4ms response time, wide viewing angles, 400 nits of brightness, and NVIDIA G-Sync technology...." "....a thinner design, better ventilation, higher quality sound and external ports organization...." ".... larger and more effective speaker box has been installed, improving audio output for a clearer and more dramatic gaming experience....." "....Avoid excess cables and embrace the “desktop mode” design, where most of your critical connections and ports are in the back and out of the way....." "....We offer the maximum amount of battery power legally allowed with the 99 Whr battery– storing and delivering the most amount of power found in any notebook battery for longer uninterrupted game play....." Don't forget the LED lighting that unlocks the BIOS and makes the AW hover for better ventilation. On another note, this is one step in the right direction...it can breathe I take it... What we know so far (stuff that we actually care about): * New AW17 1080 will be 180W and GDDR5X https://www.twitch.tv/alienware/v/87746534 (Thanks @DeeX for the heads up. Also confirmed from the horses mouth himself, Azor.) @ 4:46:26 …mentions 180W @ 4:49:33 ...worth watching it from here, lol... @ 4:50:10 ...takes a crack at Clevo...I love DTR's, but what he says is true. No heart behind Clevo's design, just a bunch of rebranded, rebrands. * Full on Copper heat sinks and heat pipes. * Back of display is metal. * Bottom of laptop is metal, anodized aluminum. * Laptop is very rigid. Watch them try bending it...it's solid as a rock. Lots of metal. * Keys on the keyboard are guaranteed and rated at 10 Million strokes. * Keys have a longer 2.2mm travel length. * N Key roll over technology. Able to register multiple keystrokes. * 19 Total Macro Keys. More added near the Num pad side on the 17". * The back plate of keyboard is steel enforced, all metal. * Bottom and Side air intakes. * Designed to keep the heat toward the rear and away from the front areas, keyboard / palm rest. ____________________________UPDATE (9/14/16)____________________________ Well guys: Click here Here are some early pricing (out) comparisons. I've been playing around with different configurations to get an idea of what we can expect for the overall pricing. I've noticed that it is a bit more ala carte in a way...well kinda... Note: It's possible that my numbers are off and if it is then I'll update it, but please do go price it yourself if you have a moment... Couple things I've noticed: * There is an option to get a display unit without Tobii. Thank goodness. I wonder if this is true for the up coming QHD panel? * The price for the 4K UHD w/ Frobii is outrageous. +$400?! Sheesh... Hope they offer 4K without Frobii. ____________________________UPDATE (9/23/16)____________________________ www.Alienware.com is now LIVE with pricing of the new machines, but only up to GTX 1070 configurations. --- Early Comparisons of an Alienware 17R4 (GTX 1070) vs Clevo P775DM3 (GTX1070): (Blue = Better / Red = Falls Short / Grey = Equal) ------------------------------------------- Clevo P775DM3 / Fager NP9172-S * i7-6700K * 1080 FHD w/ GSYNC * GTX 1070 * 16GB RAM DDR4 2400MHz * 256GB M.2 SSD * Killer 1535 * 2 Year Warranty …$2,114…NO TAX w/ GTX 1080: $2,502 Options: * 4K UHD w/ GSYNC is +$275 ________________________________ Alienware 17R4: * i7-6820HK * 1080 FHD w/o GSYNC * GTX 1070 * 16GB DDR4 2400MHz * 256GB M.2 SSD + 1TB Paper Weight * Killer 1525 * 2 Year Warranty $2,474 + PLUS TAX $198 (Avg. 8%) = ...$2,672... Options: * 4K UHD w/ Fobii Eye Tracking is +$400 ________________________________ Reality in terms of value to cost ratio: * 6700K (socketed lga) > 6820HK (mobile bga) * GTX 1080 for only $275 more on the DTR. How much more will GTX1080 be on the AW? * 1080FHD has GSYNC on DTR * Can paying $558 More for AW17R4 be justified? ________________________________ Current thoughts at this time and moment: Well to be honest, as for the pricing it doesn't look good if the numbers on the pricing page is anywhere near accurate. There's no way that I can justify paying ~$558 more at this point, however, that can change depending on the GTX 1080 and QHD variant. It's too early to tell. I'd like to also add that the 2 Year Warranty for Dell is "Blue," because it is far superior than Clevo's 2 Year Warranty. This is a fact (at least if you're in the US), so please let's not argue about this. As I've said before, "Do not pay DTR prices for a bga machine." This is just my opinion and everyone is entitled to their own, but please do the math and make a wise decision that best fits you and your needs. Notice that the comparison is between the AW17R4 vs the Clevo P775DM3, which is not the bulky DTR, but the more slimmer and (IMO) cleaner looking one. What are your thoughts?
  18. Thermal Paste Complete: Mandatory. Not an Option. * Don't mind the MX4 LOL that was just left over from something... How about that toothpaste that is rated at 401w/mk...which happens to be the thermal conductivity of copper. Greetings, I will be repasting the P775DM3 very soon and will be posting up the results w/ a lot of pictures for your entertainment. My liquid metal paste of choice will be Grizzly Conductonaut, however, I'll be experimenting with other pastes as well to satisfy any curiosity as to if one can get by with just traditional paste. (Highly doubtful, but I am curious about GC.) Traditional paste wise, I have a feeling that GELid will hold up pretty well. While I'm at it, I'll also be replacing the thermal pads. Depending on how warped the heat sink is, I have pressure paper handy to be able to test the contacts of the die and IHS against the Heat Sink. If needed, I have copper shims standing by of varies sizes from 0.1mm to 0.3mm+ ... Below are the conductivity numbers for the top Liquid Metals and Traditional Paste: (As we know the numbers don't mean everything, however, from all my tests done so far, Grizzly Conductonaut has always topped CLLU by an average of ~3C. Results may vary and it can be the case where it's the other way around. However, the thing here is that with these beasts, every drop in C's count. It could make all the difference.) Liquid Metals: Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut - 73 W/mk Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra - 38.4 W/mk Coollaboratory Liquid Pro - 32.6 W/mk Traditional Paste: Gelid GC Extreme: 8.5 W/mk Grizzly Kyronaut: 12.5 W/mk ICD: 4.5 W/mk ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Project 775 Journal: Straight out of the Box: The temps when running OCCT on the CPU reached 99C on all four cores. Even on F1, the CPU temps all maxed out. Yikes right? As for the GPU, when running Unigine Heaven and Fire Strike the Temps were also in the high 80's and 90's. Repasting is a must IMO. 90C's is not okay and there's no justifying that. I know it's such a shame on Clevo's part for poor QC and lack of engineering (as demonstrated by the crap ADDA fans that are used), but it is what it is. If you want something to just work out of the box without any modding, then a DTR is not for you. Simple as that. Yes, it should work within normal operating temps right out of the box, of course, we would all agree. A DTR is for enthusiasts and those who have the willingness to get under the hood. Some of us thrive on this fact, while others don't, but at the same time this doesn't give Clevo an excuse to go cheap on us. Project Delid + Liquid Metal Magic: (9/22/16) The Repaste and Delid are now complete. I've been gathering temp data non stop, along with fine tuning the machine to find where it is the happiest. The temps have been amazing and I'll be posting up a full review shortly. - Stay tuned... Fine Tuning: (9/25/16) It's been a blast fine tuning the beast and I think I've got it to near optimal range. The CPU is a winner in the silicon lottery, thank goodness. I'm holding 4.6GHz @ -200mv Core / -200mv Cache and it's very stable with gaming, running benches, video encoding etc...As for the GPU, it's a working progress. After about 100+ runs...yes really of fine tuning and recording data on a spreadsheet, I think I've found the GPU's sweet spot. It's not a massive overclocker chip, but it's good enough to get a great boost out of it. Then again, my expectations are very high so anything sub par is not good enough. I'll be running more benches tonight and hopefully the tuning will pay off to take the #1 spot int he P775DM3 Class for Fire Strike, Unigine Heaven, Cinebench R15, Time Spy, wPrime (already recorded and sitting at #1 in this class) etc... I'll keep you all posted! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Please post your results using the format below in order to keep things uniform and organized: >>> Before repasting, please run the benches and record your temps for a base. <<< >>> Please BOLD the answers as show below. <<< Application List: (Click below to Download.) 1. HWiNFO64 2. OCCT 3. wPrime 2.10 ==========================copy/paste======================== Machine Specs: FROM: Hansung Computer Notebooks [한성컴퓨터 노트북] EX76S BOSSMONSTER [775DM3] CPU: 6700K GPU: GTX 1080 Display: 4K w/ GSYNC Thermal Paste: Grizzly Conductonaut Delidded: Yes. TGC on IHS->die and IHS->HS Run OCCT for 30 Minutes on Stock Clocks. (Before Repaste) CPU Max Temp (Stock Fan Profile): 99C CPU Max Temp (F1 Fan Profile): 99C CPU Under Volt: -225mv Core / -225mv Cache Run OCCT for 30 Minutes on Stock Clocks. (After Repaste) CPU Max Temp (Stock Fan Profile): 67C CPU Max Temp (F1 Fan Profile): 57C CPU Under Volt: -225mv Core / -225mv Cache Run Unigine Heaven -> Fully Maxed @ 1920x1080, Back to Back to Back. (Before Repaste) First Run GPU Temp: 91C Second Run GPU Temp: DNF Third Run GPU Temp: DNF Run Unigine Heaven -> Fully Maxed @ 1920x1080, Back to Back to Back. (After Repaste) First Run GPU Temp: 69C Second Run GPU Temp: 72C Third Run GPU Temp: 75C =========================bottom============================ OCCT for 30 Minutes: Clevo P775DM2/3(-G)/P75xDM2(-G) (Sager NP9152/NP9172) Temperature Record to Date: . . . . . . .
  19. Still tuning, but here are some benches so far: http://www.3dmark.com/fs/10274130 http://www.3dmark.com/spy/496947
  20. I saw it coming, but left it be... Predictable... To be fair, then there's HP and Omen lol... so this is AW's last chance. Powered by: Octa Core Exynos + 6820HK
  21. Yeah. Will Dellienware came after with something similar or will they continue with their thin ECHO models?? You know the answer is the latter!!! Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk Funny in that I'm discussing this with@deex right now.... MSI has an answer....so if AW doesn't answer to that, then bye bye AW....welcome to officially being the Apple of the PC gaming world. Powered by: Octa Core Exynos + 6820HK
  22. Excellent. 1080 SLI...holy smokes. Powered by: Octa Core Exynos + 6820HK
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