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  1. Another night at the track and some tuning. Getting a lot of wheel slippage and the engines running too rich...I know I can clock in faster with a higher trap speed in the 1/4...hmmm...in due time... Personal PR. (18660) 3rd Overall (GTX1080 Notebook Class). 1st in 775 Class. +11.3 Points for Team T|i ==================================================================================================================== Personal PR. (7238) 4rd Overall (GTX1080 Notebook Class). 1st in 775 Class. ================================================================= Personal PR. (X10967) 2rd Overall (GTX1080 Notebook Class). 1st in 775 Class. ================================================================= Personal PR. (P21413) Although this was a goofy run as it froze half way through then resumed. Strange...I'll run it again. 3rd Overall (GTX1080 Notebook Class). 1st in 775 Class.
  2. Thank you. Ah I was looking for the $20 sale to obtain both of them as I'd love to run those as well. Know where I can find that deal? ps. How much more do you think I'd be able to gain with Prema Magic on top of those scores?
  3. With some more fine tuning...new personal PR: (This is all Pre-Prema Magic) High Five -> Team T|i
  4. My pleasure. Have fun and stay cool! (-Celsius) [emoji14] ::iunlock::
  5. Finally beat my personal record. 3rd place overall for 1x GTX1080 (Notebook). 1st place for 775 Class. Another one down in the books for Team T|i
  6. I haven't really focused too much on Cinebench, although I did run it a few times. But here's a run I just did now....Temps are great. Liquid Metal is doing its job. @ 4.6GHz @ Stock Clocks Ambient Temp:
  7. I haven't really focused too much on Cinebench, although I did run it a few times. But here's a run I just did now....Temps are great. @ 4.6GHz @ Stock Clocks Ambient Temp:
  8. Guys guys...@Prema shouldn't have to be buying his own thermal pads. @Prema, would an Amazon gift card suffice? Perhaps we can (yes speaking for us all ) can send some codes your way so that you can grab the best pads (FP 17.0w m/k) Let me know if the Amazon GC would work for you and I'll send some your way so you can get some thermal pads. You have our full support. Update: Ah I've just realized, to avoid putting @Prema on the spot to answer directly since he's humble, we shall resort to the dedicated donation thread.
  9. Oddly enough, despite the density of the 17.0's they do seem like they have a little more give than the 11.0's. It's really odd I know....the 17.0's I would say have just a tad bit more tolerance than the 11.0's. It should be the other way around, but in this case it's not...confused yet? Yea I hear ya on the cost of them things. However, I told myself that it's just one of them things where it's worth going all out in order to have pads with the maximum thermal conductivity potential. We need every drop of C's as we can get.
  10. Update: Here you go...might be hard to see in the pics, but the texture (not referring to the protective plastic) is different between the 11.0w m/k and 17.0's Left is 17.0 ....Right is 11.0
  11. Having used various types of Fujiploy pads, mostly the 17.0w/mk in particular, I can confirm that the higher you go in the thermal ratings the more dense the pads are. The FP 17.0w/mk pads are dense, but still flexible and soft. However, there is not much give on them so one would have to make sure to size up the pads the best they can, otherwise if the application is too thick the harder density of the pads risk lifting of the HS...although I think it'll be okay and the VRM's would compress enough to where it shouldn't be an issue. I'll have full specs of the sizes for the P775DM3 here shortly. Actually I have them already, but am working on my review and it'll be included in there.
  12. What I've done before is sandwich the molding clay using saran wrap, but just use enough clay to cover the chip / die. It works wonders.
  13. Thanks @Prema, for the Team T|i hwbot invite. I've officially joined. Submitting some scores now... Update: I'm at 3rd Overall for Fire Strike and Time Spy. Please help me beat my PR... Just need a few more points to bump up to 2nd.
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