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  1. Hi all, Looking for help, ideas, input For some reason my Nvidia GTX1070 Founders edition won't sit all the way down properly on the Akitio box. It sits 3-4mm too high and won't properly activate like that. To test I removed the part where the card screws in to lock in . so the back piece with the 2 slots. Once i remove that it works fine. I have bended the card sleeve thing a tiny bit, but that wasn't enough. Any idea, without that back plate the card is very wobbly (since it is not screwed in to the chassi of the Akitio, and of course dangerous to operate like that. I appreciate any help Thanks !
  2. It did not!. OS X see s the Akitio box and that is it. I replaced the 1070 with an old PCI video card (nvidia too), like REALLY old, and OS X sees there is something there (A VGA Card) and Windows sees it too (Basic VGA Adaptor) So bad card... ALL THOSE HOURS thinking windows was the problem.
  3. Much "easier" is a statement that can be variable ... Would it be much easier now to fight Tyson since he is out of shape? Well YEs But you will still get your butt kicked. So in theory using the external display is easier, but the entire process is very convoluted. It works, i am suffering thru it right now, but many success stories here in the forum. This forum is the best resource for egpus. Read AND SAVE some interesting things you read, because I miss finding some posts I read before I started this process
  4. Excellent idea! I also ordered a PCIe Network card to see if I can get it going on windows. But I like your idea better
  5. So I made some progress. You need to install reFind. Here is the guide I used: NOW , a difference from this guide: 1- I installed reFind via OSX. I installed by booting with cmd option R and then terminal, and ./install something like that (the guide says to use windows) Maybe that is why mine won't work. But everything else matched the guide. I didn't install reFind from Windows 10 because Refind author says not to do it, because on Win10 things are different. I am at the point that I have the Iris gpu and disabled the AMD one, but the Nvidia 1070 won't show up on Device manager.
  6. HI, I'm trying to get my egpu going on windows (for the time being I don't care about OS X), and I can't barely get started. Akitio + Evga 1070 I read many guides but I still don't get it. Right off the bat the Thunderbolt or Basic Display Adaptor doesn't even show up on Windows Device Manager. I think I read somewhere that Windows needs to boot with the Intel graphics not the AMD and in order for that to happen I need to mess with the EFI to make sure the Windows boots with the Intel and not AMD? If that is the case, i couldn't find any instructions on how to do that properly. I really appreciate any input or help! Thanks
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