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  1. @99benns - Check this out (And where it says to use Virtualization - I used VirtualBox BC It's free): http://bleeptobleep.blogspot.com/2013/02/mac-install-windows-7-or-8-on-external.html @DJMatrix-HU3 - I'm happy to sell you mine ;-) ... building an EGPU is something you need to have resolve and patience for to be able to come out on top as it is not "Plug and Pray" even in it's finest form. That being said, it does give you a certain sense of pride, not to mention the ability to run insane desktop games. I too have the 2015 13'' MBPro Retina 8GB ram model, so if I can run it then you can! I'm working on bringing home VR to everyone with a cell phone and a laptop btw, check out http://www.workspacesvr.com if you wonder what project I used it for! Best Wishes to both!
  2. Hi All, I built an EGPU to use with an Unreal Project I just completed. It only took me a month of part time work to get where I needed, so it is pretty new and lightly tested and proven. I had it working in Mac OS X AND Windows 8.1 (internal and external monitor on windows). Is there any one who is interested in purchase? Please forgive me if this is not the best place to post this as I'm not 100% where it would be. If this isn't the place, please let me know and I'll relocate it. Thanks!
  3. @remypham - Not sure if this helps, but the board is connected to the internal metal base that goes in the sleeve on the Akitio. The back plate of that has a barrel plug that you would plug the original power adapter supplied from Action into if you were to use this normally (read NOT EGPU). If you remove the board, then you need that barrels plug slot with it I think... or did I misunderstand the question?
  4. @99benns - Yes, I created an EFI drive with a Win 8.1 boot sector on it and it loaded with both the internal GPU and NVIDIA GTX 970 EGPU first time. Let me know if you have questions on specifics. You definitely have to make sure that both the GPU is seated and getting power as well as the case and both running from the same power supply. I spliced a modular power supply cpu cable and heat shrink tubed the extra wires not needed to supply power or ground to the barrel plug. I also hot glued the wires into the barrel once i had it running stable to prevent slipping. I cut the Akitio case sleeve to allow fan vents and power to the GTX 970 as well. I've completed most of my project now so I'm thinking about selling the setup. Does anyone know where a good place might be if I don't want to Ebay it? Thanks!
  5. I had no luck with Windows 10, but I was able to get Windows 8.1 from a EFI drive working fully and stable on internal screen as well with almost the same setup (2015 MacBook Pro retina 13 inch, 650 watt power supply, Zotac gtx 970, akitio box, etc). Although I removed fan shield and cut box to fit closed. I'll try and post a build in a few if anyone needs.
  6. I'm in the crowd that ordered a Zotac to fit in Akitio and can't get Windows 10 to boot. Any progress or work arounds on this? Spinning wheel for all pre boot turnin on of egpu, no matter when timed. And Hot plugging doesn't work either.
  7. Thank you so much!! I get it now! My dell adapter was the wrong one too according to listed spec anyway, and I've learned a lot from these forums! Thanks again!
  8. Thanks so much. I was using your completely closed guide to start and I keep re-reading that DA-2 power adapter post and looking at my parts list. I'm just a very visual person and it would help to have an annotated picture of a the popular GTX 970 MBPro complete build, closed case, DA-2 power, and cable list. Best I could find is this picture (which isn't a closed unit, but I understand that is just a space issue from Graphics card choice): Here is my parts list so far: It looks like I need to add the 8-pin PCIe extension female to male, and I don't need two of the y splitters? Thanks so much for any further guidance! Maybe I'll create that screenshot with arrows and wiring when I build if it will help anyone.
  9. Hi, I am new to this forum and to the eGPU world. I have been reading and it appears as if creating a solution for the MacBook Pro with Integrated Only Graphics is much much cheaper than buying a preconfigured box. I have never done wiring before on computers, but was capable of "plug and pray" component install including PCIe when building desktops. I'm not understanding how the wiring actually works from a Dell DA-2 to a pcie y cable or other solution. I think my biggest problem is that no guide has a start to finish, "Plug this cable or adapter in here" guide that I can find. I understand this is a noob problem, I just think with any visual I'll be able to understand, how wiring works or cables connect from the DA-2 to the required components on boards. But not owning a Akitio yet, or card, I can't quite visualize where both 6 pins need to plug in, although I assume the 12v plug just goes into the back of the Akitio etc. Thanks for any clarity in visual help or links to how cabling solutions actually plug in or solder etc. Best Wishes
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