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  1. pijik2000

    Lenovo Y580 / Y480 'unlocked' BIOS versions

    oh i also have updated the bios to the latest version 8 i think. so do i need to downgrade the bios first? before i can flash the modded bios? since from the files it seem the modded bios is version 2.07?
  2. pijik2000

    Lenovo Y580 / Y480 'unlocked' BIOS versions

    after posting some quality post u need to wait around 5 days before u can download i think, now my lappy has no wifi and has to use cable connected to the router to post this.. haha its the way the forum work. cant argue with that as long a i can download the files later. cheers mate
  3. pijik2000

    Lenovo Y580 / Y480 'unlocked' BIOS versions

    anyone who has already download the bios files, can u guys pls upload it somewhere else?
  4. pijik2000

    Y510p Wifi upgrade

    so this y510p also have locked wifi type that can be use?
  5. anyone encounter any error while flashing?
  6. pijik2000

    Y510p overheating

    do a clean up and replace the thermal paste
  7. hello does this work?
  8. pijik2000

    Lenovo Y580 / Y480 'unlocked' BIOS versions

    today is 08-08-2016 and my y580 wifi failed me. need to upgrade and got intel wireless-N 7260, model 7260hmw bn. slot it in and it says unauthorized wireless card detected. search google and found this thread. to download, need to register, i registered. However to be able to download, u need to gain level by posting 5 post or wait 5 day. Yeah it 2016 and we still live in b****hit world... Sorry, there is a problem If you are unable to download this file, it may be due to one or a combination of the following reasons: Your account lacks the proper credentials to access this download (e.g. T|I Elite or promoted permissions). Your account has not been validated or may have been disabled due to violations. The download is restricted to certain permission groups which you are not a part of currently. If you feel you should have access to this file and do not, then please message an administrator or moderator for resolution.

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