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  1. Hey if you still need help with your 970m or anyone else having the same problem heres how... a year ago i had same problem... I followed online guide on how to mod nVidia drivers to work on Dell hardware (i have Alienware m17xR4). After changing inf file and installing the drivers my gpu was recognized in all the programs yet the load would still be at 0%. I followed this guide : https://null-src.com/posts/nvidia-notebook-driver-inf-mod/post.php . It all came down to wrong section number (which is mentioned in the link). For example, after opening device manager, getting the hardware ids and formating the string for my gpu it looks like this : %NVIDIA_DEV.13D8.0551.1028%, once i looked for this string in nvidia .inf file i got multiple entries with: Section250, Section251,Section253 and so on... My fully formated string looks like this: %NVIDIA_DEV.13D8.0551.1028% = Section252, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_13D8&SUBSYS_05511028 After installing the drivers i would try to load the gpu. If nVidia card got 0% load that would mean that i got the wrong "Section number" so i would change it to another Section that matched my string. Another match for string %NVIDIA_DEV.13D8.0551.1028% was with Section250 so i changed the string to : %NVIDIA_DEV.13D8.0551.1028% = Section250, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_13D8&SUBSYS_05511028, removed the drivers with DDU and installed the drivers with new string and it WORKED, my 970m was not only detected but now when i opened heaven benchmark the nVidia gpu load would go to 100% and massive increase in fps suggested that it really worked. So i suggest you give it a try if you still cant get it to work.
  2. Hello everyone, My Alienware m17xR4 has official A13 bios. After the update i noticed that my laptop has slowed down by A LOT. And then i noticed that once i load my cpu fully the clock speeds go to 2.2 Ghz. Right now all i can do is use software like Throttle stop to increase my cpu freaquency by increasing current limit (changing multipliers does nothing in bios) and that software is annoying because once the update is released you are forced to update and once you do all your settings are gone and you have to do everything from start... My question is if i were to install unlocked bios could i make such changes in the bios without having to rely on software ?

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