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  1. Unlocking MSI gaming bios: go in Bios: then press at the same time: left "ctrl" + "alt gr' + right "shift" and the "F2" sorry Left "alt" + right "Ctrl" + Right "shift" and then "F2" at the same time (allways got trouble to remember exactly the combo, i do it by reflex) this is a service combo, unhidding everything in the bios, including dangerous things or simply things that didn't work at all, but this way i have fixed my CPU undervolt, tighten Ram timings or configuring XMP profiles, re enable some VT-features and so on things are still saved but options disapear at reboot if you don't enter once again that key combo do it at your own risk, none there will be responsive of any bad use (for example, don't try to disable integrated graphics, screen not linked to dGPU) for GPU optimisation, better thinker with maxwell bios editor using a GPU-z bios backup and nvflash to put it in place, overclocking is not a good thing on a laptop even more on GS, that aren't already able to cool everything at stock better results by doing an undervolt than overclocking (less throttle, less heat, less power draw leads to better results) and overclocking memory to a safe 3500MHz (as long as MSI is using 7GHz GDDR5 memory chips, same as regular desktop GTX 960)
  2. Hi, i'm here for the same thing as the other, could you help me @Klem i'm looking for a modded bios: - enabling Overclock higher than 135MHz - undervolt @ stock (0.937v @ stock speed) - overvolt - rising max power slider to 95w at max (not default) - rising memory frequency at P1 (performance level 2) to the stock value (dividing memory by 2 on battery is a joke) here is a link of my original GTX 970M 3Gb (from a GS60-6QE Ghost Pro) https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3QMSCSYw7wmQ1hwY3RCekRxcU0 i know it's quiet precise but absolutely needed for hardware longevity and performances in case when i need it thank you by advance, if you don't want to do something like this and MBTv2 is enought i so just need to know how to flash it as nvflash tell me to go back home and playing with legos (first time nvflash telling me that there is no compatible adapter)
  3. Hi there, i just bought a HP Probook 6460b (Motherboard 68SCE) and i'm planning to build an egpu for it with an "old" gfx lying on my desk (EVGA GTX 950 SC) and i'm courious about some things: i've read somewhere (can't remember where, it was years ago) that using EFI installed windows 8 or newer will enables you to use egpu without pcie compaction or dsdt override. Did this work only with a full and legit x64 EFI bios or this will work too with the "experimental" hp efi module for sandy bridge pro/elite book ? I've read somewhere that Maxwell card eat more memory than keplers and olders, am i right? and lastly and not the least, i get over 200 errors with DSDT editor and 1 with command line tutorial (all with the original parsed DSDT, without the modification) can someone with a probook 4430s/6460b Elitebook 8460p/w had the same problem and found any solution? thanks by advance, my egpu knowledge wasn't updated since 5 years (PE4H, GTX570 x2.1, C2D and only 2Gigs of memory so not really up to date or usefull for my case nowaday) HP Probook 6460b i5 2520m 12GB DDR3 1333MHz (4GB DDR3 1333MHz CL9 + 8GB DDR3L 1600MHz CL8) Hitachi 250GB 7200rpm planned egpu => EVGA GTX 950 SC + EXP GDC Beast ps: sorry if my english hurts your eyes, but i'm doing my best as i didn't write in the Shakespeare language from years, notify me errors and i'll correct them for future readers
  4. Hi everybody, my name is Mickael and i come from the east of the france, i'm a nbr defector as my major reason to join them 5 years ago was the awesome work done by nando with the eGPU and elitbook ownerlounge threads, and now i've saw what it become without him i've decided to move here. hope i'll bring some usefull stuff in the future best regards
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