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  1. Hi all, Been out of gaming for a while... Anyone into combat flight sims? Back in the day I enjoyed Eurofighter and US Navy Fighters.. I'm looking for a decent quality modern sim that is fairly realistic and has some diversity in planes and missions... Any suggestions?
  2. I'm just getting back into gaming after a long break, so many old games are newish to me... I want to get the latest versions of: 1. Wolfenstein 2. Doom 3. Battlefield
  3. Yes, I found out about that wonderful policy.... So I have to find a reason to post a few more times.... Sounds totally reasonable to me... :/ I particularly like how after 2 posts it says I have zero... Very nice.
  4. I'm from an alien planet.... Nice to finally land.... Trying to d/l a vbios and it seems like this site never lets me d/l or tell me why I can't..... Take me to your leader please.
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