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  1. MD_mania

    BPlus PE4C V3/V2 discussion

    Is there any performance difference between the PE4C V3 vs the EXP GDC V8.0? Not sure if it is worth to switch over to the PE4C or not. My computer only accepts mPCIE and not m.2 so I can't use the V4.
  2. A while ago I wrote about how my Mac was crashing with my newly built eGPU. I've possibly narrowed it down to being an issue with extending the HDMI cable that comes with my PCIe video card dock. I'm trying to figure out why this happens. The case I built was designed to have all the wires coming out of the back of the unit. However, because the PCIe adapter HDMI cable is so short, I'm not able to route it the way I want. The wire now oddly sticks out from the top of the case and it just keeps bugging me. I bought a HDMI extension cable to add length to the wire. Sometimes it boots up fine, sometimes it doesnt. Sometimes it will work for a good 15 minutes then suddenly freeze or reboot. I don't understand why the wire would degrade the signal so much. I thought the signal doesnt degrade much with digital signals and that's why HDMI is so great. I've tried several HDMI extension cables and adapters but nothing will keep the device stable. Even if I bought a longer cable from the makers of the PCIe dock, the end of the HDMI cable needs to have a downward facing male end because that's the only way the case will close properly in my situation. So you see, I need a very specific cable for the job. The only way I can achieve this is by 3rd party extension and adapters. I occasionally get a random reboot if I have the PCIe dock HDMI cable connected to a downward facing, 90 degree angle HDMI male adapter but it doesnt happen all the time. Still, when it does it is very annoying and I lose whatever I was working on. If I use the adapter + an extension HDMI cable, the GPU wont boot at all; just get a black screen. But if I use an HDMI extension cable that has a downward 90 degree angled male end already designed into it already, it will sometimes boot but would crash more frequently. Can someone explain to me what is happening? It's pretty frustrating that my project is 99% complete and this one thing is holding it back from truly being done.
  3. MD_mania

    eGPU cases

    Spent a week or so working working on this case. I have a EVGA GTX 950 SSC inside and it was challenging getting it to be as sleek as I wanted. Overall though I'm really happy with the results. Currently the eGPU is laying flat down and I've settled on this position for the case. At least this way I can see a lot more of the white carbon fiber vinyl I put on it. Just a few more pictures...
  4. Apparently I forgot to include the code...
  5. Built myself a eGPU for my Brix Pro i5. It booted right up when I finished getting everything together. I am using the latest NVIDIA webdrivers (346.03.10f02) as well as the CUDA drivers for 10.11.5 to power my dual 27" monitors. Most of the time it is working perfectly and benches very well compared to the integrated card. However, I get a reboot quite often and it is very unexpected. I can't tell if it is a temperature thing because I can't get the sensors working (built a custom enclosure and perhaps ventilation isnt great) or perhaps it's my PSU (using a dell 220W 8(6+2 pin) which powers the GTX950 SSC and a 40mm fan) since it has been making some humming noise lately and still awaiting my replacement unit. It might also be due to some signal degradation because I'm using various HDMI cables and adapters within the case to make it fit properly. FYI, I'm using the Beast EXP GDC PCIe video card adapter. Sometimes when I reinstall the drivers it works fine for a while but I'm not exactly sure. I pasted the log that appears after I restart the computer and it asks me to submit to Apple. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Code is below:

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