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  1. Here you go! It's the same BIOS for both. I don't support any VBIOS related stuff at the moment so I don't know if there will be any incompabiities or not because I haven't worked with VBIOS for a couple of years. I have never had any incompability problems myself between the ZM and DM with Nvidia cards, only AMD. But if you chose to try it do so at your own risk. I can make a sript that prevents flashing the wrong BIOS but I don't feel like it's really necessary at the moment
  2. It wont be bricked by flashing the same or a older BIOS. The problem is that you chose a BIOS for the wrong model. The P6xxRX on repo is not for the RS/RP models. You won't be able to do a recovery If you've also flashed the boot block from the wrong BIOS. You will have to reprogam it. If someone would host my BIOS my boot logo will still be there as it wont flash If changed and it will say BAKED in the BIOS.
  3. The TDP on the 6820HK is quite low which will be a limiting factor, it's unlocked but it's rather useless as it can only be slightly overclocked. As KrackDaddyKane said the throttling might be due to power supply issues, either it's bad or the wattage is too low, in that case you need a bigger psu.
  4. It's not that it's too old but rather that it uses phoenix BIOS instead of ami and I only work with ami and insyde, but I might take a look at that BIOS when I have some time
  5. No sorry, that's a really old model. These are for the latest from Clevo.
  6. Sounds like that's controlled by the VBIOS and not the mb BIOS, I'm not sure tho.
  7. Don't think so no. Good that it seems to be resolved, these BIOSes are only "unlocked" so it will behave the same as stock. Allthough it might be some bug in the BIOS version itself.
  8. Lol no, this is all my code. Been doing this for 5 years. I haven't released any mod for that model sorry. I might later.
  9. Well yes, the BIOS is unlocked which means there's more options but all the settings are the same as to before you flashed. Did you turn off UEFI? Nope, it's no problem att all.
  10. There's no problem flashing the stock oem BIOS. Send me the info and I'll prepare a flash for you.
  11. This thread is just for discussing the mods and not how to mod, if you want to talk about modding then start a new thread.
  12. I unlock all options by hard coding it in hex so some options not in use will show up , just like that crippled built in EFI shell, I will get this fixed in the next version.
  13. If they are bricked you'll need to desolder the eeprom and reprogram it and solder it back again. I can do it for you depending on where you live.
  14. You need 5 usefull posts or T|I elite. Yes the BIOS will be just fine, if you need another logo PM me Do you see the BIOS logo? If not it sounds like bricked GPUs. Which VBIOS did you flash?
  15. Version 1.0.0


    BIOS for N850HJK, N870HJK only. If you like my work DONATE
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