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  1. Hello, I have been an active/contributing forum member for about 3 months now and been a TI premium member for about 2 months. I came out of the TI premium membership and just realized I haven't even been promoted yet. Could someone please help me fix this issue. Sorry no worries just before I posted this I realized it had been fixed. Thanks.
  2. Do you mind doing me a BIG favour and just having a quick scheme over it to see if its possible please?
  3. Right okay that kinda puts me in a rough spot Am guessing the main question is that Do you reckon the problem is fixable? or is it something that is just looking like a dead-end considering the main-board of the machine, as I have tried everything I know(upping processor core ICCmax and what not) My timeline for the ability to return the laptop is kinda running out(think I got a 2 weeks or less need to confirm) that's why I wanna know lol. I don't mind waiting if you think its fixable . Thanks. Also according to [email protected] on notebookreview, the EDP throttling is a stock feature and cannot be removed(though not sure if this is true because I have seen it get removed in another laptop model by a custom EC:
  4. Any idea when you will? Am considering returning the Clevo and just getting something else with similar specs. Its a good laptop but that CPU throttling is a real downer to me especially when its an unlocked CPU not HQ. But if I am to process the return I need to do so ASAP, Would you mind telling me what time frame you reckon you will work on the bios and see if it can be fixed if not just let me know and I will just process the return. Thanks for your help and quick reply.
  5. @BAKED How is the P650RS-G EDP Other(Current limit throttling according to Intel XTU) stoppage bios mod/unlock coming along? Any progress?
  6. Wow! good to hear will be so happy to see something done about it
  7. Yh I just got it back and have tested it, unfortunately the issue isn't fixed and I have contacted the engineer but haven't gotten a reply yet. I will be looking for other options atm and yh hopefully a bios comes out that fixes it BTW @BAKED would be nice enough to please have a look at the bios settings or unlocked settings and see if anything can be done. Thanks.
  8. Is there a bigger powersupply for my laptop Clevo P650RS-G? BTW I got an update on the issue when I RMA'd my laptop. I will attach screenshot of the reply the engineer of my local distributor gave. He said he has been able to overclock it without throttling (wondering how he did it). But I will have a look when the laptop gets delivered today.
  9. @BAKED Hi I have just tried to flash back to OEM bios but its not letting me boot up into the usb drive during the process how can I fix this?
  10. @BAKED how do I increase current limit or stop the throttling that's happening? I still get the EDP Other(current limit throttling) according to throttle stop even after flashing the unlocked bios on my i7 6820HK (Clevo P65-RSG)
  11. Yep I reckon 7700K is the way to go as well cheaper and same IPC
  12. The Intel core i7 6820HK throttles due to Current limit throttling (according to Intel extreme utility) and EDP Other (according to limit reasons in throttle stop)This only happens once the GPU GTX 1070 is under load(CPU+GPU workload) but when its a CPU only work load such as CPU-Z benchmark or throttle stop bench it doesn't throttleIt drops its frequency from any set frequency apart from the 3.2ghz default so if I was to OC to 3.5ghz it would keep dropping to 3.1ghz and sometimes even lower. More information can be requested and sent.Any help to alleviate this issue will be much appreciated? thanks
  13. Any help with the bios install anyone? (I mean I have done it on a desktop before but not laptop) and I figured out why the download isn't working apparently I need about 5 post if am correct?
  14. Sweet any idea how to install bios? BTW download link not working not sure why
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