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  1. I just discovered the following: The code 43 is still my main issue, but I can get rid of it after RE-installing the proper driver. But there's a catch. If I restart my laptop, it's here again. Code 43 appears once again... At least I got it to work (even for a short period), which means that it's at least functionnal. And here is the GPU-Z after the re-instal: So that seems to be good news isn't it?
  2. I don't know if I can. I have an old desktop computer, but I don't know if it will be able to run it properly. Unless all you want to do is prove that it's not the GPU itself that is damaged. In which case, I could try and mount it on it. Edit: I tried to install PhysX System Software and it tells me that it's already installed. so that's that.
  3. I actually have: My intel graphics (obviously) A Nvidia 840M (iGPU) And my Nvidia 960 (eGPU) So .. Anyways. I left everything like it was when I opened it. You're telling me it's supposed to be checked? does checking it by myself work? Wait! Would be too easy, right?
  4. Here it is: OK, I'm looking at it right now... and for instance, SLI should be enabled ... but it isn't ..
  5. Nope, didn't solve Error 43.. I tried with all 3 PTD positions (just in case, you know...) and still same result. I had a look in my BIOS but .. There seems to be missing some things compared to others. For instance, I can't chose my GPU to "integrated" or "switchable" because i don't even have such a line. Should I update it? I never updated a BIOS btw.. I'm quite reluctant cause I read you could mess it up and end with a "non starting brick".
  6. yup, I'm using an EXP GDC PTD (i'm guessing the little switch on the PCIE expansion itself, right?) is already on 7s . I might test it with the other 2 positions.
  7. Now I have a problem I didn't have before ... "(code 43)" which means that something isn't working properly. I'm checking all the cables ... Do you have a clean windows 10 installation or an updgraded one ? I had an upgraded one (from 8.1 obviously) maybe that changes something? Edit: OK, Code 43 Fixed. I'll begin to test again. I am now under windows 8.1. Edit 2 : Nope. Code 43 is back at it again. only by restarting my PC ... I don't know what is wrong this time.
  8. So, I've tried everything I found out there, and nothing does the trick. I found some pages where they said that, apparently, windows 10's Optimus is not working correctly and they can't use their eGPUs anymore. So, since I still have my Windows 8.1 installation CD, I'm gonna downgrade it from windows 10 to 8.1 and see if THAT does solve my problem. Wish me luck.
  9. yes I was. I always do restart it in safe mode. edit: As desperate as I am right now, I tried some things I read on other websites like this one: http://www.owen-lu.com/egpu/ (look for the "driver" §) As well a this video: Both have similarities with what you told me to do, but for instance, they don't comment out the 2 lines in the dispi. file ... After having tried both of them, I had the following results: The problem isn't solved, but the driver installation does NOT fail and finishes properly. Which is kinda like installing the vanilla driver actually. No real help there. Oh and I also tried a benchmark with my 960 which does make it's usage go up to 60-80%. IDK if this is any help to you.. So i'm guessing it IS indeed an optimus problem.
  10. No, I mean the driver for the 840M got installed anyway, even if it was disabled. But no change so far. I'll re-try it once again properly. edit : Hummm ... I tried to use a fresh driver installation by downloading a new one on NVIDIA. After using DDU, I restarted my PC and, wanted to get rid of the old driver installation .exe . But apparently, it can't be send to the trash can because it is being used in windows explorer. Doesn't that mean that the driver unnistaller failed? and some of the drivers are still in use?
  11. yeah, ok. I'll try as soon as I can ! Edit : So apparently deactivating my 840M does not stop the driver installation for it.
  12. That is how I tried the first time on my TV, so no need to re-test => it works , yes.
  13. the latest inf it is using is called "nv_dispi.inf".
  14. Yes, it fails while trying to install the driver. have a look a these screenshots: no warning sign on the 960 line (little triangle...) And "ce périphérique fonctionne correctement" means "this device works properly". Oh, and here are my hardware IDs just in case you wanted to be sure.
  15. Used DDU to clean up all. and install the vanilla driver for both of my GPUs. But as I said it, The 960 would ONLY run the TW Attila Launcher, and NOT the game itself. which means that it didn't really work there either ..
  16. Haven't tried to install the driver while having the 840M deactivated (in the device manager). I read somewhere on an other topic that I had to install my driver for both GPU's at the same time. I'll try it as soon as I can. And also try it with the 840M commented out. edit 1: tested with the 840M deactivated and a new driver download. Same as before. driver installation fails before finishing. Even after a fresh restart.
  17. already done . look it up on my first post I believe. It just makes my intel do the job... ALL the job.
  18. ok. I'll start it over again. Onwards my fellow techinferno cityzens! to the NVidia Driver Page ! Sorry. I felt like.
  19. What if the Optimus bug is caused by Windows 10? would it be worth going back to 8.1 ? I 've just read some things about so ...
  20. I installed the driver between my tests to make my 840M run at least. So i'm pretty sure it does work. (when it's installed, the 960 is detected in the device manager, and I can set the fan spin rate -for example- thanks to MSI Kombustor) About DDU, yeah, i'm using it since the beginning. Yeah. that's it. I'm on windows 10.. I could have mentionned it in my specs .. sorry for that. But ... the problem is still the same: The driver installation never finishes. that way, I can't even go to the point where I restart and .. "hope for the best" . First of all, I'll try it step by step. Oh and hey, thank you for your patience. I really appreciate it. really. edit1: Ok, I tried to install the driver with the lines commented out, and it ... didn't work. Actually. It did work, but the 840M and not for the 960 which is normal since I only commented out lines that refer the 960. Talking about that, should I try to deactivate the 840M while trying to install the modified drivers ? edit2: I re-added the lines and it fails to install the drivers. Would you like a screen shot of the driver installation window ? It's not in english, so this is the translation (if needed): "Pilote" => driver "non installé" =>not installed "échec" => fail "La même version ou une version..." => the same or a more recent version is already installed. (already installed due to the 840M driver) "Composant" => component
  21. ok, I tested with the uncommented lines and it still failed . I double checked (more than that actually..) the lines I added in the nvami file, just to be sure.. (A) 1401 (B) 3201 (C) 1462 lines commented out: ;%NVIDIA_DEV.1401% = Section045, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_1401 ;NVIDIA_DEV.1401 = "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960" Added lines: NVIDIA_DEV.1401.3201.1462 = "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960" %NVIDIA_DEV.1401.3201.1462% = Section001, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_1401&SUBSYS_32011462 Like this
  22. Well that's the problem. the installation isn't complete. it just fails . And there is no other error message than " installation program failed " and shows me that he didn't install anything...
  23. Hey! thanks for the awesome guide (very well explained btw!) . I did everything that is written, but for some reason, when trying to install it, it fails at some point. (says something like "installation program failed") I tried the section001 (point n° 8 on your guide) since it was the first one which had the " NVSupportOptimus = 1 " line. I also tried the section 013 which is the second time " NVSupportOptimus = 1 " appears, but still same result. Should I keep trying other sections? (there are still some left which have the line) Thanks again !
  24. I had to retest it to get a screenshot. No, the 960 was being used normally.
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