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  1. Well after no one helped me i fixed it, it was really freaking easy all you had to do was to atarte in Novo, hit your down key, then enter, then you press f9 hit enter, then press f10 then enter, and it will restart with the default settings, f9 is default and f10 is save and exit you dont need to reflash the bios or do exotic things to the chip.
  2. I couldnt Get a pc in order to create the crisis recovery method, any other solutions???
  3. Btw my bios was modded by klem i think, it was to unlock stuff and to be able to overclock, lenovo has a crisis something cant i use that to flash a bios? I tried the tv setting and i it didnt worked The setting that i changed had like a c and a g and a l i think not sure but i put that into auto I will try the crisis recovery method will post if it works
  4. Help,i moved a setting on the bios that said something about gpu and i put it to auto, and my screen wont turn on, i cannot get into windows and i cannot get into the bios, i tried the method of removing the ram and the cmos battery and the battery, and connect everything again but it didnt work all i hear was a beep and nothing more, my screen wont turn on and i dont know what to do can someone help me please?(i only heard the beep if i remove the ac conection between the loop shutdowns, and connect the ram then the ac)
  5. Hey can someone help me, i tried the method that was up there and it didnt work, my screen is still black, and i cant enter to the bios, all i did was change a gpu settings to auto and my laptop doesnt work ;_; Can someone help me? i dont know how to reset to the defaul the bios, and as i said i tried the method that was up and it didnt work need help asap
  6. hello, can you help me unlocking all that and my vbios please?, i would like to overclock my gpu pass 135mhz on core, sorry for bad english.
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