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  1. Will this still work with the Windows 10 Anniversary update which requires drivers be signed? When you go to device manager and look at events, what driver inf file is it using? I have a similar guide here But instead of adding lines to nvdispi.inf, I removed the desktop driver so that it HAS to use the notebook drivers. I think what you have done is add capabilities to the desktop driver. If your device manager says it is using nv_dispi.inf, you can skip the first part modifying notebook vendor inf and just go straight to modifying nv_dispi.inf.
  2. This means it is STILL using the desktop drivers, not the optimus drivers. Comment out all instances of GTX 960 (two lines for each id; one under strings, one that refers to the section). If the drivers have been modified correctly, it would be using nvami.inf (the file where you added the lines), not nv_dispi.inf. As it is using nv_dispi.it means it is ignoring the changes you've made in nvami.inf.
  3. It is necessary to comment out the lines in the dispi file - this disables the non optimus drivers. When you add the lines with a section that refers to NVSupportOptimus = 1, you are telling the installer to use an optimus enabld driver for your card. I have it running on my internal screen on windows 10, so it IS possible to get it working.
  4. So you mean the driver installation succeeded with the 840 disabled? Does it now work on your internal screen?
  5. Ok this means that everything except optimus is working. Now you KNOW the drivers you have are working. Modify the working drivers (delete the ones you modified before, that package is not working). Only comment out the 960 lines, leave the 840m lines. Try: - disable 840m, install the new modified drivers. if that doesn't work, - enable 840m, install the new modified drivers.
  6. hhmm.... So now you have the normal unmodified drivers installed for your 960. If you plug an external monitor/tv into your 960's video output, do you get an image?
  7. can you click on the events page and scroll down to the bottom so it shows which inf it is using?
  8. fails at what step? driver installation? so the 960 shows up in device manager with no errors? (error 12 etc) And the driver installs correctly for BOTH the 960 and 840m when the 840m is enabled?
  9. 1. remove all drivers with ddu 2. when you plug in your 960, does it show up as Microsoft basic adaptor with no errors? 3. disable 840m 4. install drivers You have done all this and it fails?
  10. hhmm, ok so that means something else is wrong. How did you originally get the drivers installed for your 960 so that it would run Total War Atilla?
  11. In the above post you said "edit1: Ok, I tried to install the driver with the lines commented out, and it ... didn't work. Actually. I did work, but the 840M and not for the 960 which is normal since I only commented out lines that refer the 960. Talking about that, should I try to deactivate the 840M while trying to install the modified drivers ?" If it was deactivated, would it still try to install the drivers for it? Or do you mean deactivate the 840m drivers in the inf?
  12. Also deactivate your 840m, no harm in trying right?
  13. No, there is no bug as far as I'm aware - I got it to work. Did you try step 1? Download the drivers again and install? The ones you are currently using are corrupt because it fails to install the drivers.
  14. As far as I'm aware, the EXP GDC beast can have trouble running at PCI-e 2.0 speeds due to the mini hdmi cable quality. If you are limited to PCI-e 1.0 speeds, you may experience stuttering or micro lags due to the restricted bandwith (depending on what game you play). In terms of problems you will face in the future, it could be any of the ones in this forum (error 12, card not detected, etc) in device manager Any GPU and PSU will work, not really any different to making the same decision for a desktop. I use a 660Ti and a small form factor PSU (Corsair SF600) to reduce space but it is quite expensive.
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