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  1. I pierced from under DOS. Sew normal errors not write. (Probyval firmware 33, 3A, 3Aos, 33 ° C) where you can take the original bios? If ultrabey pull the card is displayed in the Manager, only one card. The maps show a different IRQ 16 and 17 for the second in the Device Manager. In the nvidia control panel writes to one of the cards: IRQ: not used Bus: is not defined and zeros. On older dryverah tries to turn and resets If still in Off. On the new 368.22 after installation and reboots the computer freezes at startup to "welcome." If you remove the card is loaded properly and running 3D mark.
  2. Huge please help! SLI is not included 650m. Device Manager displays 2 vidiokarty. Map 1 shows the Nvidiainspector Geforce 650m and all the features. 0 card only inscription Nvidea0. The Nvidia Control Panel is displayed in the picture 2, but the list is only displayed near fiziks CPU and GF650 1. Probyval different drivers when the transparencies or it does not turn on or freezes the control panel. With the new driver 368.22 hangs when booting wines. on the "Welcome" when loading all right without external cards. Aida shows all the bios of 13 years, but the built-in card BIOS is normally writes 8/14/12 ?. firmware, and it was 2.02 and 2.04. Bios sewn correctly. On the outside of the map sewn only under dos. Nvflash of dos on the map №0 writes EEProm: Unknown, map №1 all as expected. In theory, a built-in map works fine 3d mark 2006 13589 wrote balls. Should Win 7x64. Can anyone advise where to look and where to dig?
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