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  1. Hey everyone, I've recently jumped onto the eGPU bandwagon as well and it's working pretty okayish on my Lenovo ThinkPad X230 and my GeForce 950 seated on an EXP GDC V8. However, I've recently stumbled upon this forum here seeing that quite some people prefer the BPlus PE4C 3.0 as it is able to properly handle ExpressCard Gen2 signals (in that regard: I've seen people running their EXP GDC Setups @ Gen2 speeds). As I am using this setup mainly to play video games I was wondering if there's any - besides having roundabout double the bandwith available - notable "real world difference" between running this card at ExpressCard Gen1 speeds and Gen2 speeds. I am asking this because I currently do have the chance to sell my EXP GDC and get an BPlus PE4C 3.0 instead (it's pretty difficult to get your hands on one of these without owning a credit card in my country). Many thanks in advance! - KernelPanic
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