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  1. Hi, I've (somewhat) successfully re-built this setup on my non-retina mid-2012 MBPr using a Zotac GTX970. The whole setup works brilliantly under El Capitan, that actually was incredibly easy thanks to goalque's script! There's "only" 2 problems I still have right now: 1) I can't get this setup to work in Windows 10...I tried Win8.1 (via an EFI install) but for some reason it gave me massive problems with any bootcamp drivers I tried. I got repeated blue screens because of the display adapters, all of that while installing the bootcamp drivers. Tried disabling the adapter, didn't work either (it also seems to be a somewhat widespread problem, anyone else had that experience?). In the end I settled for Win10, bootcamp drivers installed just fine and the eGPU gets recognized in Device Manager (3 adapters). BUT when I try to install the NVIDIA web drivers the whole setup crashes – I disabled the dedicated GT650M as in the instructions, but then while starting up with the eGPU attached, the whole thing freezes at the Win boot screen. My external display gets a signal at some point I think and "recognizes" the card, but nothing happens apart from every fan spinning up (eGPU and Mac) because it's stuck at the boot screen. Any idea how to proceed from here and try next? I'm kind of stuck. Haven't reinstalled Windows yet, but I might try that soon. Otherwise I wiped the NVIDIA drivers several times with DDU and reinstalled, all with the same result... 2) I noticed the hairpin 8-pin to 6-pin connection from the Dell PSU to the GPU is a bit wobbly in my setup, so sometimes the whole thing shuts down because it doesn't get enough power I assume. Is something like that cosher to use, instead of the 6-pin female to 2x 6-pin male Y-splitter: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/8pin-To-2-port-Dual-6Pin-6p-PCI-Express-pci-e-graphics-Video-Card-Power-Cable-/381552596151?hash=item58d64e94b7:g:fDEAAOxyeR9TIeUw I just have a feeling that would fit better on the Dell 8-pin. But...seeing no one else has used this, there's a reason for that? :X Sorry for being stupid about this... I also thought about buying a different PSU (like an EVGA 500W), that should work as well, right? That way I can have a 6-pin output cable without the fuzziness. Anyway, any help is greatly appreciated – and thanks to @LukeHero for this brilliant guide and @goalque for his awesome script! This community is quite amazing. Cheers, chana
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