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  1. Thanks for the info @HiroCool. I'd be interested to know how you created the EFI boot sector with Win 8.1 as I tried this without sucess
  2. @HiroCool did it just work straight away for you with Windows 8? I tried windows 8 with no luck. @ShiftZ Yes I've killed weeks on it back in March. Did you get any closer to finding a fix?
  3. @Codeweaver It appears to work fine at first, but after a few seconds the desktop starts flashing on and off every second and it's impossible to do anything other than open task manager. I'm not looking to solve this though as booting from a non-SSD USB3 drive is too slow anyway. It was just an experiment to see if the egpu worked which is it did. @HiroCool I'm no further to finding a solution I'm afraid, but it's interesting to hear other people are experiencing the same problem, I hope we can figure this out at some point.
  4. @Codeweaver No still no luck. However I did get it to work every time when booting windows from a USB3 hard disk (but then I encountered other Windows errors so this isn't really a solution). I'm hoping as more people buy the new Macbooks and realise they don't work, someone will find a solution.
  5. So I thought I'd give it another go tonight with the suggestions from @wmjnottriell: -uninstalled nvidia drivers from program list -uninstalled intel drivers from program list -uninstalled intel display adapter from device manager -disabled internet -restarted computer -installed nvidia drivers -restarted computer -it worked -restarted again -it didn't work (spinning wheel on startup) Tried above steps again, but disabled the built in adapter completely, again it worked first time, restarted and it stopped working again.
  6. So..just tried on a second Macbook Pro 2015. Fresh El Capitan install and Win10. Exactly the same problem. -2 TB enclosures -2 macbooks -3 versions of windows -3 versions of OSx The Zotac GTX970 simply does not work with a 2015 13" Macbook pro! The graphics card is fine, it works on Windows 10 with the Mac Mini and with OSx on the macbook. So frustrating
  7. A quick update: I remembered that my Mac Mini had a TB1 socket so I tried it with this. Everything worked straight away. (The eGPU actually crashes after about 10 minutes when I have Rise of the Tomb raider in full screen, but this is a different matter for a different thread). So I think it's safe to say the Enclosure/Cable/GPU are all fine. The next step will be to try it on my friends 2015 macbook pro with the same spec just to be 100% sure there's nothing on my HD which I may have missed... I've tried every boot procedure possible over the past few weeks. I'm 99% sure this will not solve anything.
  8. I killed the process with task manager, but I do eventually have to force power off as windows doesn't shut down or restart (infinite spinning wheel again!) No event logs appear when I hotplug the GPU, and there are no event ID 7045's, but the card appears in device manager when I hotplug it. I do have a few of these errors however which seem to appear when I try to start with the eGPU connected or install the drivers (not 100% sure which) ACPI event ID 13 : The embedded controller (EC) did not respond within the specified timeout period..... I don't have another to try unfortunately, that would be useful though I was hopeful when you mentioned this, but I can see the BIOS ver when I boot into OSx and this is (the UEFI version I suppose).
  9. Thanks for the pointers. Still no joy. Unfortunately it didn't Any pointers as to where I could start with the logs? It's a big maze down there! Here are the exact steps I just took: start windows hotplug eGPU open GPU-Z and try to backup bios. GPU-Z freezes. rename nvlddmkm.sys run nvidia installer and select to perform clean install installer freezes (dismal1.jpg) wait 15 minutes force power off turn eGPU psu off and on again windows boots open nvidia installer take screenshot (dismal2.jpg) proceed with install installer freezes (dismal3.jpg)
  10. It'll often freeze during the uninstallation process. It has successfully uninstalled a couple of times and the result appeared to be the same as when I uninstalled it via the 'programs and features' window I've tried uninstalling everything except just the driver component, no luck there Yes. In this case, the eGPU is detected in device manager without any warnings, but not by anything else (e.g. NVidia control panel, Windows display manager). There's no activity on the display and I also get some strange behaviour from windows: the explorer file browser will sometimes freeze, and if I try to restart the computer the restart screen will sometimes hang. I'll try this tonight
  11. Sorry my mistake, if I uninstall the NVIDIA drivers via programmes/features, it still appears as GTX970, but then if I right click here and select 'uninstall', it then appears as "Microsoft basic display adapter" I've tried most tests with both. I normally use the TB port closest to the MagSafe Yep I've tried this
  12. Yes. Here are the exact steps I took: -removed bootcamp with the bootcamp wizard and resized partition 100% for OSx -booted into internet recovery with command+option+r -selected the SSD and formatted it by clicking erase in disk utility -opened terminal, unmounted the SSD, then removed the EFI partition (it's not possible to remove it using disk utility) -opened disk utility and formatted the disk again (just to be sure!), then repaired and verified it to restore the factory EFI partition -re-installed OSx -re-installed bootcamp Yes. I can also boot into windows with the GPU connected and the drivers uninstalled. The GPU appears in device manager as a GTX970 without drivers installed. As soon as I install the drivers and restart I can't boot. Yes, but no activity I'm using the latest driver from NVIDIA, 361.91 15th Feb with Windows 10 (yesterday I tried 8.1, same problem)
  13. Thanks @goalque for your suggestions. I don't have a riser anymore as the card fits directly into my Atikio. I have the power routed through the barrel connector So last night I did: -a complete format from internet recovery (factory fresh, no time machine restore) -just to be 100% sure the EFI was reset, I completely removed the EFI partition and recreated it with disk utility -reinstalled OSx, latest bootcamp, win10 -ran windows update -latest nvidia drivers -no other custom software or drivers loaded at this point -followed all instructions at the link below again to the letter including the NVRAM clear and all other things to try if Windows doesn't boot -just tried sudo ./automate-eGPU.sh -m -just tried alternative TB cable and socket -just tried hotplugging ..but I still get the same problem, it's driving me a bit crazy now! Not sure where to go from here..
  14. Hi again @Tech Inferno Fan -I've re-tried 'automate-egpu.sh -a'. I got a message which says : /Library/LaunchDaemons/automate-eGPU-daemon.plist: Operation already in progress, automate-eGPU-daemon launched. Background services enabled. (So I suppose that was successful) -I've not re-installed the EFI mod as several users say it will only cause further problems with 2015 Macbooks (and it didn't help before). -I tried reinstalling bootcamp with Windows 8.1 -I tried reinstalling bootcamp again with windows 10 and the bootcamp 4 drivers instead of bootcamp 6 The outcome is still the same. Boots fine into windows without driver installed (listed in device manager as detected but not installed). As soon as I install the driver - infinite startup wheel
  15. I'm back, this time with an Akitio enclosure, and the problem is exactly the same. Infinite loading wheel on windows, working fine on mac. To recap what I've tried: -every bootup order under the sun -full bootcamp reinstall -full laptop re-format from time machine -nvram clear Any other thoughts?
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