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  1. Guys. This isn't right. I am running 2 970m in SLI with prema bios and J95s drivers. When it first boots you need to reinstall the drivers but it works fine. It's just the initial boot after the update that it kicks the drivers out. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hi @Prema Was pointed your way by @J95 I have already upgraded the drivers thanks to @J95 but now want to update vbios as I get a bit of throttling, I am running an Alienware M18x R2 with 2 x GTX970M cards. I am a complete noob about this stuff. Can you give me a heads up on what bios file I need and how to do it please
  3. Guys Just wanted to thankyou. Works like a dream @J95 You are a star Sir
  4. Hi All, The only negative I have seen after upgrading to Windows 10 is I seem to have lost the usage of the 4th 3.5mm port on the left of my Alienware M18x R2. Has anyone else noticed this?
  5. Jester945271

    The Division

    I am absolutely loving this game, I have really got into it but I am worried about the longevity of this
  6. Thanks @J95 you are a star Sir, I will take a look into this and hopefully get it all working, Can I still use Geforce Experience et al? I just want to get back to Flight Simming. I get withdrawal symptoms, oh that and The Division.
  7. Hi Guys including the Golden Goose aka @J95 Never done this before can I get some help, upgraded my GPU's from GTX680's and tried the Mr Fox drivers but still cant install them without the NVidia cannot fine ETC screen. Can someone help me please. Cards are installed ok, I want to enable SLI. I have an Alienware M18x R2, Running Windows 10 64Bit PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_1618&SUBSYS_05501028
  8. Hi All, I have an Alienware M18x R2. I absolutely adore this box and brought the top config 3940XM CPU, 32GB and 2 GTX680M in SLI, I have purchased 2 GTX970 to upgrade the GPU's. I need some help please as I was thinking it would be a case of uninstalling drivers, opening up chassis, replacing cards etc and then blast and boom. Oh how little did I know! Can someone please give me a few pointers on modding drivers please. I am fairly competent I think. I am running Win10 64bit with no probs. Looking forward to adult supervision. Thanks all for your help
  9. Upgrade from GTX680m to GTX970m SLI Hi all. I have purchased 2 970s. I have an Alienware M18x R2. I haven't done this before. Can I get some advice regarding drivers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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