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  1. Hello, I know it is a bit late to answer but I am asking me the same question at the moment. I have the 2nd 7559 model with 8GB RAM, which doesn't have any SSD, I thing the same as you First of all, since you doesn't see the second HDD in your BIOS, you can stop to try to see it on the OS because it will never find it because of the BIOS... (when entering the BIOS : Main > Second HDD -invisible for me-) I called the Dell support for more information and they told me that the hardware (mother brand) is completly compatible with this kind of SSD. The only thing is that my BIOS doesn't reconise it.. I'm pretty sure that it is just a BIOS problem because my SM951 doesn't work but a m.SATA work completly well (a 128gb SSD m.2 coming from the same 7559 but with 16Gb ram + 1To + 128GB SSD) The m.2 SSD with this 16Gb RAM model is a m.SATA version and the SM951 is a PCIe. I think THIS is the reason why we cannot see the SM951. I asked them to make a new update of the BIOS to be compatible. I hope it'll come asap as possible. BIOS v1.0.3 seems to support both but doesn't work at all; so it confort me in the idea that it is just a technology compatibility problem (m.SATA & PCIe).. (in the 16Gb RAM version, the BIOS versions are the same) I stay informed !! Regards Yoann
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